Opencare | Get $250 Visa Gift Card And $50 Referrals Bonus- 2022

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After registering through the event link on this site, you can get a $75 reward, which can be exchanged for gift cards from multiple merchants such as VGC or Amazon. Click here to activate.

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Opencare Get 250 Visa Gift Card And 50 Referrals Bonus 2022

Why are we all afraid of the dentist?

1. Concerns about unknown hidden diseases
2. The dentist’s service is not good
3. Fear of the pain of treatment
4. Fear of huge fees

Do you have any questions about the above? While running a dental practice becomes more complex every year, Opencare believes it can give its clients a world-class patient care experience. After all, the most important moments in our lives, from laughing and smiling to eating and talking, go through our mouths.
Yet for such an important body part, the thought of going to the dentist can frighten and confuse most people. Opencare wants to change that.

Looking at Trustpilot, I found that Opencare has a very high rating. This is enough to prove that Opencare has better technology and services in the field of dentists.

How does it work?

  1. Answer a few simple questions so we get to know you better.
  2. Browse through your curated dentist recommendations.
  3. Easily schedule and manage your dentist appointment.

Activity details

Opencare currently has a $250 VGC bonus for new users in some states, and you need to register through the invite link, make an appointment, and complete a dentist visit. Because many dental insurance plans have some free items, basically you can get a $250 bonus for making an appointment and doing a free cleaning or routine check-up. It’s very simple.


The detailed steps are as follows:
Step 1: Click here (or the button below) to activate the $250 reward, you can see the interface below:

Step 2: Enter your own address, if the location meets the requirements, you can enter a small questionnaire about the dentist’s consultation, which can be completed within 1 minute;
Step 3: Questionnaire Finally, fill in an Email and Phone to activate the $250 VGC offer and start looking for a dentist appointment:

Why isn’t there a dentist near me that I can book an appointment with?

If there are no dentists available in your area, for the time being, you can subscribe to the content of this website and get updated information immediately. Opencare has begun to support most states in the United States, but officials have not given specific maps. You can enter your address here to initially check if it meets regional requirements.

How to get rewards

1. After the dentist visit, you need to keep the receipt
2. Check the email of the dentist appointment, find the link to upload the receipt, and submit the receipt.
3. Enter the Opencare background, click the “Claim your Reward” link, and upload the receipt.
Note that the receipt must contain the following information: full name, date of the appointment, treatment/services rendered, the practice, or the provider’s name.

Because many dental insurances include free cleaning, free X-rays, etc. once or several times a year. So if you don’t just need it, you can book a free program with full insurance coverage and get a $250 reward. If you just need to see a dentist, then Opencare is perfect!
The previous offer from Opencare was a $100/$50 reward, and this promotion to a $250 reward is really good. I don’t know if this offer is time-limited, but it is recommended to get this offer as soon as possible.

What if the $250 Reward Program expires?

1. You can wait for the next event of opencare to return. The lowest common reward on the opencare official website is $50. If this event expires, you can wait to see if there are other reward events on the official website.
2. As a money-saving blogger, I checked it out with my usual rebate APP. Currently, opencare has rebate activities on topcashback (not limited-time activities)

If this promotion expires, you can use the topcashback to get $80 bonus. If it is the first time to register topcashback, there will be a new user reward of $15-20. The total amount will be higher than the rewards obtained from the activities on the official website.

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