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The cashback network we will focus on today is called TopCashback. It is the same in nature as other cashback websites, but it has one biggest feature: the highest cashback ratio! Most merchants get twice or more cashback than Ebates. I basically use this site now and I’m getting almost $300 in cash back soon.

For example, I often buy Estee Lauder cosmetics, and the TopCashback cashback rate is as high as 6%, which is equivalent to buying $200 of cosmetics, you can get $12 cashback, compared to Ebates, you can only get $6 cashback . See below for comparison.

What is a cashback site

We quoted the introduction in the previous Ebates article. In short, before shopping, we first go to the cashback website to find the cashback rate of this merchant, such as 5% cashback, and then enter the corresponding shopping through the link of the cashback website. When shopping on the website, the cashback website will give you 5% of the amount spent in cash back after payment.
Many people will wonder, how can such a rebate network make money? This involves the cooperative relationship between the rebate network and the merchant. Usually, if you enter the corresponding merchant to shop through the rebate network, the merchant will also return the corresponding amount to the rebate network, and the rebate network will take part of it out to the user to achieve a win-win situation.
Taking the above example as an example, the merchant may give 20% cashback (that is, $20) to the cashback network, and the cashback network will give you $15 and keep $5 for yourself, which is your own profit. This is a win-win partnership.

How to use TopCashback

Let’s take Estee Lauder as an example to explain how to use TopCashback.
First of all, you need to have a TopCashback account. If you don’t have one, you can register through our invitation link, and you can get a $10 cash reward after registering.
【Update: This registration reward they change from time to time, sometimes not. This site will continue to track and update their limited-time registration rewards. 】
Then, at the top of the website, there is a search box, you can enter the brand you are looking for, and you can see the search results. For example, when we enter estee here, the Estee Lauder brand jumps out:
  1. Click directly on Estee Lauder to see a list of search results, the first of which is Estee Lauder.
  2. Click the red button on the right [Cashback] or click the title [Estee Lauder Cashback] to enter the Estee Lauder page,
  3. Click the [Get Cashback Now] button to jump to the official website.
The following is the process of jumping, telling us to shop as normal, and the rest of the cashback process will be handled by TopCashback.
Correspondingly, on the TopCashback page, the following prompt will be displayed, telling us that they have recorded this purchase record, and the cashback will be displayed on the account within 1 day and 18 hours. At the same time, several similar merchants will be recommended, such as Gap 8%, Lancome Lancome 8%, Macy’s 12%, etc.

Withdrawal method

The withdrawal of TopCashback is not like Ebates, which can only be withdrawn after a fixed time. As long as the cashback is confirmed by the merchant on TopCashback, you can withdraw cash at any time regardless of the amount. There are many ways to withdraw cash, you can directly make a bank account, you can also make money through PayPal, you can also use Visa Card or exchange various Gift Cards, usually for the latter, there will be 1% to 5% bonus, such as you The cashback amount is $100, and you can get a 5% bonus through Visa Card, that is, the actual amount you get is $105.
Each cashback network has its own characteristics, and the cashback rates for the same merchant are different, so it is recommended to register for all of them, compare them before shopping, and use whichever has the highest cashback rate.

Registration Link

Sign up through our invite link and you can get a $10 sign up bonus
Update: this sign up bonus they change from time to time, sometimes not. This site will continue to track and update their limited-time registration rewards.

Recommended by similar platforms

We have recommended and introduced many cashback websites, each with its own characteristics and different registration rewards. Here is a summary for your reference and comparison:

Website Sign up bonus Registration Link Feedback Recommended
Fetch $2 Click here Easier to have free offer,code “P7Y51A” ★★★
Rakuten $30 Click here The most reliable, good customer service ★★★★★
TopCashback  $15-$25 Click here The cashback rate is almost the highest in the entire network ★★★★★
RebatesMe $35 Click here Great reward,code “MONEYFREE” ★★★
Ibotta $10 Click here Support multiple merchants, easy to operate ★★★★
fluz 35% cashback coupons Click here Support multi-platform rebates, the rebate performance is average ★★

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