RebateKey Review: Get 100% Cash Back on Free Items!

Today we are going to introduce an amazing website: RebateKey.

Rebatekey (cashback) should not be unfamiliar to consumers, especially during Black Friday, many shopping malls (such as JCPenney, Macy’s, etc.) have Mail-in Rebate or Online Rebate.

It is to send a cashback form after buying something, and it will return a certain amount. Sometimes the item is equivalent to free after adding cashback.

There is no need to comment after purchasing on RebateKey, the process is simple and straightforward.

What can RebateKey do?

What is the purpose of this website? In fact, there are mainly the following points:
  • For us, when we can buy some cheap or even free goods, why not do it!
  • For merchants, it is mainly promoted after the new product is launched (but it is against the policy to require users to purchase reviews, so RebateKey firmly does not allow merchants to ask for mandatory reviews after purchase).
  • Another point, which I think is very potentially valuable: discounting your Amazon Gift Card. Through these free products, we can spend some unused Amazon gift cards, and then we can withdraw them after 35 days (as we all know, the general GC trading platform does not charge Amazon GC).
  • Discount VGC 100%: Like Amazon GC, if you have unused VGC, you can also discount it.
As of the update of this article, I have received $4177.46 cashback on Rebatekey without missing a single order, very reliable:

How to find free items?

Items on RebateKey generally have big discounts, but there are also many 100% cash back, so how to find these 100% cash back?
After logging in, enter the background, use the filter to filter, and select the bonus, as shown in the following figure:
There is only one rewarded product today, if there is no product that day, it will be displayed as no.

Cashback process example

If you don’t have an account, you can consider using the recommended link to register: Click to register~

Let’s take a specific product as an example to see how to get 100% Rebate. This time I randomly chose a free product, which is a eyelash.

You can see that the original price is$17.97, and the price after Rebate is $0.00, which is free. The reward is $1, and the total rebate is $18.97.

Pay attention to the “Only 10 more available today!” below the button, which means that there are 10 left to redeem today.

Continue to click the button “Start Treasure Hunt” to enter the purchase process instructions: 
The purchase process is:
  • Buy the product at the original price (cannot use any coupons and promo codes)
  • Fill in the Rebate Key within 1 hour after placing the order, this key is the order number
  • Wait for the seller to review and agree
There are also some rule descriptions below, as shown in the figure below, mainly:
  • A family can only register one account
  • The cashback will be held for 35 days and can be withdrawn after 35 days
  • The product obtained cannot be used for resale

Next, click the button at the bottom to jump to the corresponding product page on Amazon. After placing an order on Amazon, we will get an order number order_number, then go back to the RebateKey page, copy and paste the order number and submit it (note that there is a 60-minute countdown above, the order number must be submitted within 1 hour ):

Purchase restrictions

There is a limit to the number of products that each account can apply for rebate, but this limit is limited to products with a discount greater than 80%:
  • Up to 10 per day
  • Up to 150 per month

How to withdraw

The cashback amount can be withdrawn 35 days after receiving the cashback. There are three ways to withdraw cash:
  1. direct mail check
  2. PayPal (but it must be done after a Check is received, I guess it is to verify that the address really exists)
  3. Various Gift Cards (including Amazon, Starbucks, Walmart, Visa, etc.)
  4. The withdrawal cycle can be selected daily (Daily), weekly (Weekly) or monthly (Monthly), and no handling fee will be charged for weekly and monthly.

Common problem

Do I need a review after a purchase to get cash back?
unnecessary. This is against the rules. If the merchant sends a letter “threatening” that they must comment, they can directly report to RebateKey and they will solve it.
It can be said that RebateKey is the only place on the market where you can get free Amazon items without leaving a review. You don’t violate Amazon’s rules by not leaving a review.

When can I withdraw cash?

Withdrawals are available within 35 days of placing an order.
If you want to try it out, please click on the recommendation link to register~

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