How To Save Money On Food At Disneyland? 10 Money-Saving Dining Tips

How To Save Money On Food At Disneyland 10 Money Saving Dining Tips 1
I believe that many people will buy Disney’s food once a Disney. It’s not because Disney’s food tastes delicious. The main reason is that Disney’s food shape is particularly cute!

However, the price of Disney’s food is much higher than outside restaurants, not only because it is the price of the playground, but also the brand effect. Therefore, many people are not willing to try the special cuisine of each park.

Today, I will list 10 simple and easy -to -do Disney -saving techniques. You will save at least $ 20 on Disney food.
Are you ready? So with that being said, let’s jump straight into the vacation money-saving tips!

How much should I budget for food at Disney World?

Depending on how you and your family like to eat, you need to budget a certain amount of money for food. A sit-down meal will cost more than a quick service meal if you wish to eat that way every single time. By having breakfast in your room and then other meals in the parks, you can reduce your spending.

Personally, if I go to Disney with my friends, I look for popular restaurants to visit and eat at. The budget I’ll set through is $50. But if I go to Disney with my family (4 people), the restaurant cost may be more on the budget side. Because I’m looking for restaurants with good reviews and keeping my budget to $250.

Enjoy your first meal in a hotel

Minifridges and coffee makers are offered in all Disney resorts, excluding the budget ones. I suggest you spend a little more money and visit a moderate resort rather than a cheap one, especially if you have more than four people in your family.

Only 4 persons are allowed in the bargain rooms, and not all of them have mini-fridges or coffee makers.

What good is having a refrigerator? Store your food! The smartest way is that you order food from Amazon and have it delivered to your hotel, so you can store it in the fridge and enjoy it at breakfast time.

Is it okay to bring in an extra suitcase to bring in food from outside? certainly. But don’t you think that extra suitcase is a very troublesome thing? And it’s super cheap to order food on Amazon, too.

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Plan your favorite restaurant and enjoy

On Disney property, there are so many fantastic restaurants, but unfortunately, many of them have exorbitant prices. It may be tempting to try one every day of your trip, but depending on where you eat, it could cost you $30 to $70 for every plate.

Instead, for a special evening, we advise choosing one or two of these sit-down restaurants. With this method, you can still enjoy some fine meals without breaking the bank every night.

Check menu details

Fast food restaurant menu price increases include the price of sides such as chips, salad, baked beans, etc.

However, if you don’t want the sides or don’t need them, you can omit them and save $1 to $2.50 on your meal bill.
So keep in mind to ask for your dish without any sides you don’t like in order to save over $2.

Never place an order for food you won’t eat!

Eat at the bars or lounges

If you want to try one of those famous dining locations but don’t want to make a reservation or have a full meal there, this is a fantastic trick. In addition to offering interesting drinks, many signature restaurants also have a lounge or bar where you may order some of the meals.

They make it simple to eat some of the restaurant’s most well-liked dishes because they share a kitchen.

But with this hack, you can only taste a few famous foods, and there is no way to taste all kinds of food in the restaurant. But luckily you don’t need a reservation to taste the food.

Share your food

We use this trick in particular on all of our tricks, and it really does help a lot! At Disney, the supper portions (and frequently the snacks) are huge. I can certainly complete a whole meal by myself, but I generally regret it since I end up being too full.

Sharing meals can help you avoid wasting leftovers and can decrease your expenses in half. This suggests that you won’t go too far from your eating plan too.

However, in our case, it simply means that we have room to sample a few extra snacks during the day!

How To Save Money On Food At Disneyland 10 Money Saving Dining Tips 3

Children’s set menu may be a good choice

The amount of food is not considerably different when purchasing meals for adults, but the cost is. Kids’ meals cost $8 each, while a cheap adult meal costs $12 and contains roughly the same quantity of food.

Oh, and here’s a quick tip: if the kid’s meal includes a plastic container (like one of ours did, which came with a shovel and a bucket), you can save $1.50 by just asking for the food instead of the container.

Special meals have more surprises

You might not consider character lunches when considering how to cut costs on dining at Disney Parks. Consider doing the morning items if you’re preparing a character meal. They still have the same personalities while being significantly cheaper than dinner.

Save even more if you can pay with a Disney gift card. Sam’s club, Bjs and Raise are offering Disney gift cards. If you buy a gift card during a non-promotional period, there is generally no discount.

You can try cashback sites for up to 15% cashback. Click here for a comparison of 8 cashback sites.

Avoid over-hyped foods

We eat a lot while visiting Walt Disney World, so I wouldn’t advise somebody to completely give up food in order to save money.

However, it is important to keep in mind that most snacks don’t provide comparable amounts of nutrition and ‘fillingness’ for their price. Basically, watch out for snack expenses, focus on the ones under $5, and be wise with your snack spending—but don’t completely give them up.

Disney has done a very good job at this point, and the hot food is very attractive for tourists to buy. But there’s no need to spend $10 on a cupcake.

How To Save Money On Food At Disneyland 10 Money Saving Dining Tips 4

Stop wasting money on Sides & Soda

Disney ice water is completely free. You don’t have to pay top dollar for a regular bottle of soda in Disney. (Maybe buying a bottle of soda in Disney can buy 3 bottles in ordinary supermarkets outside).

You can choose to carry a collapsible cup to solve the drinking problem. This is also very convenient.

It is worth mentioning that restaurants in Disney rarely have the option of “main course only”. This is a consumption misunderstanding, and the purpose is for consumers to spend more money.

You can also save a lot of money by asking if there is only an entrée option when ordering restaurant food.


One of the main expenses in Disneyland is food. If you can plan your food budget well, you will save a lot. You can choose to save money by bringing your own snacks, using cash back, and skipping an expensive restaurant.

But the main purpose of going out to play is to have fun, and being too tight is also a bad thing. A reasonable budget is one way to live happily.

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