The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives-Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof)

The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 6

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One of my favorite types of side hustle ideas is apps with passive income. After all, the idea of earning money without expending any effort is rather enticing.

I’ve already discussed a good amount of passive income ideas on This Online World. And I’ve used these applications for years to earn extra money and gift cards.

Honeygain is one of the most well-known apps for passive income. You can exchange your internet speeds for cash using it, and I’ve used it to gain rewards over the years.

But not everybody has success with Honeygain. Additionally, some Honeygain substitutes really pay far more and are more reliable.

In order to help you earn more money and get free gift cards, I’m going to look into some of the greatest Honeygain alternatives in this post.

Additionally, some Honeygain substitutes really pay much more and are more reliable.

Looking for other easy ways to increase your income? Checkout:

HoneygainThe 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 1

Honeygain is a very well-known passive income app. All you need to do is download the Honeygain app on your computer or mobile phone and start running.

You can withdraw cash through PayPal or a gift card after accumulatively earning $20.

But after my actual operation, the income of Honeygain is not as good as before, and there will be frequent disconnection. Might also have something to do with my region.

Honeygain is also a good passive income app if it works well in your area.


The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 2

Alexamaster is a long-established paid auto-surfing site where you can make money while browsing sponsored ads while keeping your computer powered on. It is also the website where I withdraw money the fastest among all similar applications.

There are 9 ways to earn points with Alexamaster. I will list the easiest way to make money below. For more methods, you can click here to view Alexamaster’s complete methods of earning points.

  • Daily rewards

You can get 500 points for free after logging in every day, and you can get it again after 24 hours.

  • AutoSurf

Add auto-surf links after browser settings allow pop-up windows. The main purpose of surfing is to watch advertisements in exchange for points. The average time for an advertisement is 10 seconds, which can be exchanged for 3-5 points.

  • Referral program

You can recommend Alexamaster to others, and Alexamaster will reward you with 1000 points after each successful recommendation.

  • Watch Ads/Videos Manually

This type of small task does not appear often, you can click “earn points” every day to check whether there is a small task on that day.

Alexamaster’s payment rule is 30,000 points = $1. The following are the latest withdrawal rules of Alexamaster. (It is much stricter than half a year ago.) You can choose PayPal, Payoneer, or Binance to accept its payment.

The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 3In order to prove that Alexamaster is a real payment, the following is a screenshot of my Paypal accepting payment.



Peer2Profit Reviews How To Earn Passive Income 1

Peer2Profit (referred to as p2pr for short) is a platform that can use your idle network bandwidth to make money. It supports almost all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. The network we usually use does not actually use up all the traffic and bandwidth.

Peer2Profit can help us make good use of this part of resources and give us certain rewards based on traffic. Once you have PeerProfit set up on your device, you can start earning. It will automatically allocate and count traffic, making it easy to make money at home.

The withdrawal threshold of Peer2Profit is very low, and you can apply for withdrawal when your account balance has $2. It supports payments in Bitcoin and many other cryptocurrencies via bank cards, Payeer, Yoomoney, and several other options.


The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 2

EarnApp is a platform that uses your idle internet to help you earn money. Usually, our network bandwidth and traffic will not be used up. EarnApp can effectively use this bandwidth and traffic, and give certain cash rewards according to the usage.

You can install EarnApp on as many platforms and devices as you want to maximize your earnings. It supports multiple platforms including Windows, MacOS, Android, Raspberry Pi, Linux, and more.


The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 3

PacketStream is another platform that provides comparable opportunities to Honeygain. Before you can start earning, you must download and set up their software.

The primary difference is that only computers running the Mac, Windows, or Linux operating systems can use their software. There isn’t a mobile version of it. Therefore, it isn’t as flexible as Honeygain, which also works on mobile.

PacketStream uses PayPal for payment. You can withdraw your money to your PayPal account once you’ve earned a minimum of $5. Make sure you have a confirmed PayPal account before signing up because that is the only payment option they accept.


The 5 Best Honeygain Alternatives Earn Passive Income(Provide Withdrawal Proof) 5

To ensure that their ads are appearing correctly and to assess the effectiveness of their efforts, hundreds of marketing and advertising companies must visit the websites of their clients in different locations. These businesses hire apps like Trafficmonetizer to collect data from various countries, and they also pay you to use your internet traffic for this purpose.

You can easily install TraffMonetizer on your device to transform traffic into money. It is available for Windows, Android, and MacOS. Unlimited traffic packages are available from your Internet service provider for a set monthly cost.

There is a catch, however, in that you usually don’t use your traffic and your connection is idle. You can start generating passive revenue by selling some of this unused traffic.


Other Beginner-Friendly Honeygain Alternatives

Apps like Honeygain are a great way to earn a little cash or gift cards using your phone or laptop.

But in fact, the money earned is very low, and the maximum monthly income is $5-$15 under the premise of one device.

Let’s change our thinking, if we can save at least $5 through simple methods in our daily life, does that mean we have already earned $5 quickly?

Don’t worry, it doesn’t require any effort or habit change on your part, you can easily save money with a simple tool.

Here are a few more Honeygain alternatives you can try:

Shopping Extensions:

Topcashback/Rakuten/Rebatesme etc. allows you to add Google Chrome extensions. When you use your computer to shop, you will be prompted with the most favorable purchase channel and cashback rate for each item through a pop-up window. You can avoid paying exorbitant prices for the same item.

Gasoline saving:

If I save a little money per gallon of gas. Then the family can save at least $10-$30/mo on gasoline consumption. I don’t need you to change your driving habits. Just use these 8 apps to buy cheap gas.

Renting out vacant space:

If you have spare space, such as garages, attics, gardens, etc., try renting it out. The neighbor can show you rental space for free. You can use your spare space to earn more passive income.

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