Rebaid Review: 100% Cash Back on Lots of Free Products and No Comments Required

Introducing Rebaid

Similar to the website RebateKey I shared earlier. Rebaid, which I’m going to introduce today, is also such a platform, with a lot of 100% free items on it. Get your cash back in as fast as 3 days and support Amazon, Walmart, eBay, Etsy, and more.

I actually found a lot of platforms similar to RebateKey. After trying them one by one, I found that Rebaid is the most recommended. Other platforms either do not have good products, or they have closed down and cannot be used… So I will share them here for the first time.

The main features of Rebaid are:

  1. No need to comment after purchase;
  2. More than 100% cashback products (personally feel that there are more products on RebateKey, and they are more practical);
  3. Don’t wait for cashback, pay within 3 days at the earliest.

There are some great free items starting tonight, including scales, kids cloth books, smart sockets, LED lights, crib mattress protectors, and more. Many merchandise events start at 12am tonight and may be sold out quickly.

Click here to sign up for Rebaid, and then the homepage is sorted by price from low to high, and you can see all the free items.

What Rebaid can do?

Like RebateKey, Rebaid has the following functions for us:

  1. Buy some cheap or even free goods, the quality and practicality of the goods are relatively high!
  2. Discount Amazon Gift Cards: Most of Rebaid is on Amazon. With these free items, we can spend our unused Amazon gift cards and withdraw them into cash.
  3. Discount VGC 100%: Spend with VGC and withdraw to cash.

Registration link: Click here or the button below to register with Rebaid

How to find free items?

After registering and logging in, go to the home page, as shown in the red box No. 1 in the following figure, we can change the default sorting method to “Price (Lowest to Highest)”, and then we can put the free 100% cashback products at the top. :

In addition, it will also prompt to indicate when the cashback will start to open. If it says “N left today!”, it means that it is already open for purchase.

The original price of the product, the price after cashback and the cashback rate will also be displayed. Click to view the product details and enter the purchase process. For details, please refer to the next section.

Rebaid usage process

After selecting the product in the above steps, click to enter the product page, as shown below:

The 1 mark indicates how much is left for the day. Next, click the “Redeem” button marked on No. 2, you can go to the next step to select the payment method for cashback:

Two methods are currently supported:

  • Mailed Check: Free, takes about 5 weeks to receive;
  • Direct Deposit: Fastest, 2-3 days to receive, $1 fee per transaction (now free).
  • This method requires that the account has been created for more than 5 weeks and has at least 2 cashbacks before it can be used. The purpose is to verify the address and prevent a large number of new accounts from maliciously brushing cashbacks.

In general, the first two times may be a bit slower because checks have to be used. Afterwards, the rebate can be withdrawn directly to the bank account, which is very convenient.

Tips: After registering an account, it is recommended to purchase 2 cashback products with a small amount and completely free of charge. In this way, it takes about 5 weeks to receive the check, which can unlock Direct Deposit as quickly as possible.

Then you can jump to the merchant to buy the product. After the shopping is completed, come back within 2 hours and fill in the order number:

If it is the first time for a new user to purchase, you will be asked to verify the mobile phone number, and you can receive a verification code, which is very convenient.

Special note: After purchasing, you don’t need to comment to get cash back (this is the same as RebateKey, because it is against Amazon’s terms and conditions to force comment and cash back).

Purchase restrictions

Each account can get up to 10 cashbacks in the first month, and it will gradually increase later, that is, the older the account, the higher the number of purchases.

Click “My Dashboard” in the upper right corner of the home page to see your remaining purchases this month:


Q: Do I need to leave a comment to get cashback?

A: No need! Rebaid does not require comments to get cash back. If a merchant threatens not to leave comments and not give cash back, they can report directly to the Rebaid platform.

Q: How long does it take to get the cash back after shopping?

A: It depends on the cashback method you choose. If you choose a check, it will take a long time, and it will take about 5 weeks to receive it. If you choose Direct Deposit, it only takes 2-3 days.

Q: Which merchants are currently supported?

A: Most of them are on Amazon, but also on Walmart, Ebay, and Etsy.

Q: Can I return it after getting the cashback?

A: No, the cashback or account will be cancelled. If you return the product due to quality problems, you can contact Rebaid customer service.


Rebaid is another super easy to use site, and it is highly recommended to use it with RebateKey. Personally, I feel that there are more free things on Rebaid, and the practicality is better. The most important thing is that there are many low-priced items that are also very good!

If you are also interested, click here or the button below to register Rebaid~



Recommended by similar platforms

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