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Why do I want to buy a star?

This idea came to me when I was writing an article yesterday. My good friend has a birthday soon, and I am struggling with the birthday present. Why don’t you give her a star named after her! let’s go!

Because the plug-in of the rebate software is installed on my computer, it is easy to find where to buy and get rebates, which can save me a little money.

Then I found Star Registration (mostly because the $15 rebate was attractive to me).

My first contact with buying a star named this gift was a real surprise! And I read it with a 4.6 rating, and the overall purchase process should be very pleasant. I decided to buy it!

How can I get a star for free?

1. You need to be a new user of rebatesme. A $35 sign-up bonus will be sent to new users after $10 in rebates. If you are not a new member, click here to register to get a $35 bonus (limited time registration bonus)

2. Add the plugin of rebatesme. It is for the convenience of tracking the order. You will also be prompted to activate the rebate.

3. Choose your favorite star.

The most basic order is mail + regular stars, and the price is $34.9. I chose this package because I was using it as a gift. Those who want to customize the constellation can choose another package.

4. Customized content. I chose the second brightest star in the package (because I wanted to make sure I could see it). You can choose different template content, there are a total of 6 template information. You can also add 4 lines of blessing.

5. Look for coupons

As a money-saving teaching blogger, I need to find out if there are additional discount codes. Fortunately, I have a lot of rebate software (the valid discount code is displayed directly on the website, and there is no need to search for it on Google), and I also gave a 20% discount code: TAKE20OFF.

6. My final order amount was $43.12. With rebatesme rebates and signup bonuses totaling $50, I earned another $7.

So you get a free star! After waiting for 5 minutes, you will receive an email with your star coordinate information, order information, etc.

There are also other packages on the star registration that can order necklaces and gift boxes, and of course, mail orders are included. But the basic package is $44.9, and if you don’t choose the second brightest star, you can also choose this package and get it for free.

(but my suggestion is wanting brighter stars would make more sense than necklaces)

How can I find my star?

1. You need to record your star number

Look for ordering information in the mailbox that details your star number.

This number needs to be used on both the computer and the mobile phone. This number can quickly find the specific information of your star.

2View on computer

Click to find my star in the upper right corner- enter the number to find the location of the star!

3. View on your phone

First download the software: StarRegistration

Enter the number – the phone is facing the sky – turn on the automatic search mode

But actually, it’s hard to find the stars. Because the stars are active, their position will change over time (the latitude and longitude of the real-time star movement can be seen on the APP). Therefore, if you need to find the star accurately, you need to find the current position of the star on the computer, and search for the corresponding position on the mobile phone according to the latitude and longitude displayed on the computer.

You can record the time and minutes to see it, but tomorrow may be in a different location. I’m looking for my star every day now, but haven’t found it yet, it’s really fun, I’m sure I’ll find it one day.


  • Is this a real star?

Yes. You are naming an existing and specific star with NASA/IAU coordinates. These coordinates will be displayed on your certificate after the purchase, and it will be possible to find a star by these coordinates.

  • How do I find my star after the purchase?

You can find your star with our Software called Star Finder. Here is an example: Star Finder. You can use it from your mobile and laptop and see the star stemming from your current location and local time.

  • Will the star be visible in my area?

Yes. We select stars by your Shipping address. The stars visible in the Northern Hemisphere (North America, Europe, and Asia) will be visible in any country on these continents. The same is true for Southern Hemisphere (South America, Australia, etc.).


1. Need to be a new member of rebetesme to get one star for free. If you haven’t registered yet, you can click here to register(limited Time Sign Up Bonus $35). You can also earn $7-19 by opting for a cheaper package subscription.

2. If you are not a new member, rebetasme can still get a $15 rebate. If you have a friend who has been troubled by gifts recently, you can also consider buying a star for him/her.

3. It will be more convenient to install the automatic search discount code software to shop on the computer: PriceBlink/honey

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