Just free shipping? 11 Lesser-Known Uses of Amazon Membership!

Thinking of Amazon’s Prime membership, most people think of free 2-day delivery, or even same-day delivery and Prime Video, which can watch a lot of movies and more. But in addition to these, Prime members have a lot of hidden features that are easy to miss if you don’t find them carefully. Today we are going to learn about the hidden features of Prime membership!

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1. Check out member-only deals ahead of time – Prime Day

Prime Day is called Prime members’ own “Black Friday”, and there will be plenty of specials. Prime members get priority access to deals.

Prime Day 2022 is scheduled for July 12-13, and many people will start trying Prime members a few days before Prime Day begins, and the 30-day trial period is just right for Prime Day.

The number of sites covered by this membership day reached 24, which is the largest in history. Compared with last year, third-party sellers from around the world, including Chinese sellers, will provide consumers with products and great deals covering various categories through Amazon Prime Day.

2. Prime Exclusive Items – Just for Prime

Many Amazon products are exclusive to Prime members, so how do you find them?

In the product category drop-down menu of the search bar on the home page, there is a category of “Just for Prime”. After selecting it, you can search for Prime-exclusive products, as shown in the following figure:


3. Know about Lighting Deals 30 minutes in advance

Lighting Deals are Amazon’s own daily specials, usually for a limited time on each item, ending in 5-6 hours.

Prime members can be alerted 30 minutes in advance of specific Lighting Deals.

4. What if there is no carton for return? Go to Kohl’s to return it!

When returning goods, you usually have to pack them yourself and send them to UPS, but what if there is no box at hand or there is no UPS around…

Many people may not know that Amazon returns can be returned to Kohl’s, without having to print the label yourself, and without the box! Just choose Kohl’s when you return it:

5. Not just free 2-day shipping

Prime members can enjoy not only Free Two Days Shipping, but also a variety of other benefits, such as putting it in the trunk of the car, or even directly at home.

Click here to view Amazon’s introduction to all shipping methods.


6. Free Unlimited Photo Storage – Amazon Photo

Amazon Photo is free for Prime members, provides unlimited storage, and does not compress, saves the original image, and avoids quality compression (eg Google Photo also provides unlimited storage, but compresses the quality…).

I especially like Amazon Photo, and their mobile app also automatically uploads original photos, so you don’t have to worry about losing photos anymore.

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7. Is it difficult to buy books for children at home? Prime Book Box automatically delivers it to you

If there are children at home, the most annoying thing is constantly choosing the right book to buy according to their age. Prime Book Box is a children’s book subscription service that automatically sends you age-appropriate books every 1, 2, or 3 months for $16.99/box for the first subscription and $19.99/box for subsequent subscriptions:


8. Prime members have savings at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been acquired by Amazon, Prime members can get exclusive discounts when they spend at Whole Foods, click here to view.

Plus, Whole Foods offers home delivery on Amazon, which is very convenient during the pandemic.

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9. Prime members have savings at Whole Foods

Whole Foods has been acquired by Amazon, Prime members can get exclusive discounts when they spend at Whole Foods, click here to view.

Plus, Whole Foods offers home delivery on Amazon, which is very convenient during the pandemic.


10. Prime members get free access to Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s fresh delivery service, which can quickly deliver vegetables, fruits, meat, household items, etc. directly to your doorstep, and you can receive it in as fast as 2 hours, and there is no shipping fee.

Amazon Fresh used to be charged at $14.99/month and will be free for Prime members starting in late 2019, with orders starting at $35.

11. Get 2% cash back when you top up your Amazon Gift Card with a debit or bank account

On Amazon’s Gift Card Reload page, you can choose to recharge with a Debit (debit card) or bank account to get 2% cashback.

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