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Ibotta is a mobile application that focuses on cashback for daily shopping in physical supermarkets. To sum it up in one sentence, upload a shopping receipt and get cash back. Ibotta is not a new app, there are a lot of people using it already. I will summarize the most comprehensive and latest Ibotta usage guide for you today!

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Receipt records

I signed up for Ibotta for about a month, and the cashback is already over $100. By now, I have probably received $2500+ in cashback! ibotta is really useful for those who often go to the supermarket:

The main function

The main function of iBotta is to upload receipts after shopping to get cash back for specific products, but recently iBotta has successively launched other functions such as online shopping cash back, iBotta Pay, browser plug-ins, etc. We will introduce them one by one in this article.

Cash back on supermarket shopping

There are many supermarkets supported by iBotta, covering almost all mainstream supermarkets in the United States (including large shopping malls, vegetable stores, warehouse clubs, convenience stores, pharmacies, etc.).
the use of iBotta is very simple, and I marked the use process with text:
  • Find what you want to buy in Ibotta and add an offer to your account (see the offer example below in this article, you can view it by store, or you can search)
  • When you go to the supermarket to buy and check out, remember to keep the receipt.
  • Upload the shopping receipt in the Ibotta app (some merchants support scanning the code, such as Walmart, you can directly scan the QR code on the receipt)
  • Within 48 hours, the cashback of the previously added offer will be credited to the account (according to Mr. Wool’s experience, it usually arrives in a few minutes)
  • You can withdraw over $20, and support Paypal, Venmo and Gift Cards from many merchants.

Online shopping cashback

iBotta also supports more than 170 online merchants for cashback on shopping, such as Amazon, Walmart Grocery and other frequently used merchants.
As shown in the figure below, you can find “Online shopping” on the homepage, and you can search by business. You can also install iBotta’s browser plug-in to operate directly on your computer (see below).

How to Get Free Items or Earn Money

There are often 100% cash back free items in Ibotta, and there are many opportunities to earn back (for example, if an item is 100% cash back $10, then if we only spend $7 after using the coupon, ibotta will still return $10, and earn $3 back ).
After the recent ibotta update, we can directly view all the free offers! Scroll to the bottom on the home page and click on the image below (or similar text) in the Special Offer:

IBotta Pay

IBotta Pay is a recently launched merchant payment tool, and you can get a certain amount of cash back.
The specific method of use is: before the merchant checks out, first enter the amount in the merchant’s place in iBotta Pay, and then a barcode will be generated to scan the code for the merchant to pay. This barcode is actually the merchant’s gift card (Gift Card), but the amount is exactly the amount you want to check out.
The advantage of using iBotta Pay is that you can get a certain percentage of the total consumption amount in cash back, and it supports not only many physical merchants, but also many online merchants. For example, order takeout at DoorDash and get an extra 3% cash back through iBotta Pay.

Extra Mission Rewards

IBotta also has many special extra task rewards, such as redeeming 5 offers for $5, Labor Day for 10 offers for $20, and so on.
There are sometimes tricks here. For example, there is a task to exchange 10 offers for an extra reward of $20. I have already exchanged 9 of them. At this time, even if there is nothing I want to buy, I can exchange one more freely, and I can get another $20. Putting it all together makes more money!

Browser plugin

Like many cashback sites, iBotta also supports browser plug-ins, allowing you to get cashback reminders and cashbacks directly when you browse the merchant’s website on your computer, saving you a lot of troublesome steps.
For the installation method, you can check the official instructions of iBotta

Common problem

Next, is the most comprehensive question and answer I have compiled for you.

Can you give some examples of cashback offers?

Walmart generally has the largest number of cashback offers, and some offers not only offer great discounts, but also make money back. Some examples are shown in the figure below:

How to withdraw cash?

There are several ways to withdraw, and you can withdraw when you spend over $20:
  • PayPal
  • Venmo
  • Bank accounts
  • Gift Cards: Supported merchants

I forgot to add an Offer in advance, but I have already bought something, can I still get cashback?

As long as the purchase time of the receipt is within the past 7 days, it can still be redeemed for cash back.

How much cash back do I usually get?

According to official data, new Ibotta users can get an average of $20 – $25 in cash back within the first month. Just after registering for more than 1 month, Mr. Wool returned more than $100.

What should I do if I often miss an offer?

Generally, the time for Ibotta to update offers is every Wednesday, so there will be a lot of new offers released every Wednesday, pay attention to check them in time. Some offers have a limit on the number of redemptions, and once they are redeemed, they are gone.

What is an ANY offer?

ANY means “any”, such as “save $0.25 on any brand eggs”, which means that no matter what brand of eggs you buy, as long as it is an egg, it will give you $0.25 in cash back.
There are many items in ANY, which often appear are: any receipt, any egg, any bread, any milk, etc., which can be viewed in the “Any Item” in the menu of a certain merchant. As shown below:

Can the offer be used in conjunction with merchant coupons?

Yes, it is no problem to stack with any discount, and Ibotta also has multiple discounts and bonuses, which can also be stacked. Because of this, sometimes the in-store discounts are less than Ibotta’s cash back, which is a good way to make money!

Do in-store discounts affect cashback?

Does not affect, can be superimposed.


Ibotta is really a conscience artifact. I go to the supermarket a lot, and I have saved a lot of money unknowingly. I strongly recommend it to everyone!
If you have any questions, welcome to add~ If you are also interested, you can now register through our invitation link to get a $10 new user reward, click here or the button below to start (you can operate on a computer, if you need to fill in the invitation code “IDFIPAN” can be filled in):
Or identify the QR code to register on the mobile phone:
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Ibotta $10 Click here Support multiple merchants, easy to operate ★★★★
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