How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime?

How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime 2

Football officially returned on Thursday night! In the second week of the NFL season in 2022, Amazon Prime Video held the first Thursday night football game of the season! Amazon provides Prime members with a free viewing of 2022 NFL season content.

How to use Amazon prime members to watch Thursday’s football night and detailed schedule for free, please continue to read!

What Is Prime Video?

Prime Video is Amazon’s streaming platform. It provides a variety of streaming content such as movies, documentaries, sports, and TV series. It can be said to cover the media content required by the family.

About 24,000 movies and more than 2,100 programs are available for streaming media services. On September 15th, Amazon’s exclusive playback on Thursday night is a new feature of Amazon for each subscriber.

How Much Does Prime Video Cost?

Prime Video Subscribe alone is $ 8.99/month, but you can only watch the content of Prime Video and cannot enjoy other functions of Amazon. Amazon Prime members include the function of Prime Video, and at the same time, you can also add Prime Video during 30 days of free use. Isn’t it a member? Immediately subscribe and get a monthly PRIME membership (for 3 months for students).

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How to Save on Your Prime Membership?

Amazon Prime’s subscriptions are $ 14.9/month and $ 139.99/year, which saves you at least $ 80 a year. Amazon also provided a 50 % discount for qualified college students and EBT and MEDICAID recipients.

Of course, you can save subscription fees by cashback or other methods. 8 ways are provided here to save you more.

How to Watch Thursday Night Football on Amazon Prime 1

When will Prime Video play a Thursday night football game?

Prime Video lives on Thursday night football games every Thursday. All games will be broadcast live at 8 pm. Eastern time/5 pm PT. The pre-match report started at 7 pm. Eastern time/4 pm PT.

How to play a Thursday night football game on the computer?

Start time: 8:20 P.M. ET

Live stream: Amazon Prime Video

The upper right corner is displayed in the game team, which you can add to the viewing list.

Of course, you can record the content of the game in advance to prevent you from missing the course of the game. You can find the TNF game on the Prime video and then click “Records Thursday Football” to watch the game again.

How to live on TV and other devices on the media video?

To play a Thursday night football game, please download the Prime Video APP from smart TV, laptop, or other compatible streaming devices to log in to the platform.

To obtain the best real-time streaming media experience, we recommend using SD and 5 Mbps support devices with a Fire TV or the minimum download speed of 1 MBPS. Prime Video provides the highest quality streaming experience based on the available bandwidth speed.

2022 “Thursday Night Football” schedule on Prime Video

Pregame coverage begins at 7 p.m. ET and live games begin at 8:15 p.m. ET.

2 Week 3 (Sept. 22):
Pittsburgh Steelers VS Cleveland Browns
3 Week 4 (Sept. 29):
Miami Dolphins VS Cincinnati Bengals
4 Week 5 (Oct. 6):
Indianapolis Colts VS Denver Broncos
5 Week 6 (Oct. 13):
Washington Commanders VS Chicago Bears
6 Week 7 (Oct. 20):
New Orleans Saints VS Arizona Cardinals
7 Week 8 (Oct. 27):
Baltimore Ravens VS Tampa Bay Buccaneers
8 Week 9 (Nov. 3):
Philadelphia Eagles VS Houston Texans
9 Week 10 (Nov. 10):
Atlanta Falcons VS Carolina Panthers
10 Week 11 (Nov. 17):
Tennessee Titans VS Green Bay Packers
11 Week 13 (Dec. 1):
Buffalo Bills VS New England Patriots
12 Week 14 (Dec. 8):
Las Vegas Raiders at Los Angeles Rams
13 Week 15 (Dec. 15):
San Francisco 49ers VS Seattle Seahawks
14 Week 16 (Dec. 22):
Jacksonville Jaguars VS New York Jets
15 Week 17 (Dec. 29):
Dallas Cowboys VS Tennessee Titans

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