How To Use Rakuten Sign Up Rewards To Buy Gift Cards And Get $30 Easily

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Rakuten‘s new user sign-up bonus is $30, and you can get it when you spend $30 at any merchant. It just so happens that is one of the Rakuten merchants. If you buy any $30 gift card on it, then Rakuten will get $30 back, which is equivalent to getting a $30 gift card for free.

Get your gift card

  1. Click here to create a Rakuten account, pay attention to whether the sign-up bonus is $30;
  2. Search on Rakuten and click “Shop Now”;
  3. Buy $30+ gift cards from any merchant, be careful not to buy Visa/MasterCard type gift cards. These are not sure whether they are cashback or not, and also require additional activation fees;
  4. Rakuten’s spending requirement is $30+, so. Take the recommended spending of $31 or more to ensure that the rebate conditions are met.

Within two days of placing your order, you can see Rakuten’s $30 sign-up bonus.
Equivalent to a free $30 gift card at ($30 Rakuten sign-up bonus).

At this point you already have a 30 gift card, you can choose to use it or sell it.

Sold on is the largest website for buying and selling used Gift Cards, where you can buy discounted Gift Cards or sell your unused Gift Cards. If you haven’t registered yet, you can sign up with our invite link to get a $5 bonus.

I already got a $30 gift card above, so how do I sell my unused Gift Card? Let’s take a look. (The same method applies if you already have a gift card, but don’t want to use it)

First, log in after registration, and then click “Sell Gift Card” in the menu bar, as shown in the following figure:

Then enter the merchant name of the Gift Card you want to sell in the opened page. If supported by Raise, it will be displayed in the dropdown list. Let’s take “Walmart” as an example:

Then click “Get Started” to enter the basic information page:

On this page, the left side shows what methods can be used to withdraw cash. Three methods are supported here:

  • Check
  • PayPal
  • ACH Direct Deposit

The bottom left shows the price at which other users on the current website are selling Walmart Gift Cards. Because Walmart’s Gift Card is so popular, the discount rate is very low, but some merchants can easily buy GC for 10% off.

On the right side of the above picture is the information of the GC to be sold. For example, there is $100 in the GC we want to sell, we sell it for $98, and then the following will give how much cash we can get if we sell it. Shown here is $83.3.

The reason it’s less than $98 is because Raise charges a 15% fee for a Selling Price. As shown below:

Then click Next and follow the prompts step by step.

Sell on

The second option is to sell on The difference between CardCash and Raise is that you only need to sell to CardCash on CardCash. CardCash pays you cash immediately, but on Raise you don’t receive cash until someone buys your GC. Because of this, the price of CardCash is usually a little lower than that of selling on Raise, and you can’t adjust the price yourself.

But the nice thing about CardCash is that you can also choose to swap the GC. For example, exchanging a $100 Walmart GC for a $90 Amazon GC, although a loss, is better than keeping it in your hands and not using it.

Sign up for CardCash now and get a $5 sign up bonus, click here to activate the bonus.

Apart from the above two methods, there are some other websites or methods, such as you can sell yourself on eBay or Facebook Marketplace, but they are not as reliable and convenient as these two.

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Recommended by similar platforms

We have recommended and introduced many cashback websites, each with its own characteristics and different registration rewards. Here is a summary for your reference and comparison:

Website Sign up bonus Registration Link Feedback Recommended
Fetch $2 Click here Easier to have free offer,code “P7Y51A” ★★★
Rakuten $30 Click here The most reliable, good customer service ★★★★★
TopCashback  $15-$25 Click here The cashback rate is almost the highest in the entire network ★★★★★
RebatesMe $35 Click here Great reward,code “MONEYFREE” ★★★
Ibotta $10 Click here Support multiple merchants, easy to operate ★★★★
fluz 35% cashback coupons Click here Support multi-platform rebates, the rebate performance is average ★★

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