How to Make Money By Listening to Music: Top 8 Earning Strategies

How to Make Money By Listening to Music Top 8 Earning Strategies 1

Are you tired of the same old hustle and bustle of the 9-to-5 grind? Are you looking for a way to make money from your favorite pastime – listening to music? Well, have no fear, because now you can do just that! That’s right, you can actually get paid to listen to music online. It may sound too good to be true, but trust me, it’s not.

Now, I know what you’re thinking. “What kind of scheme is this?” But, hear me out. There are actually legitimate websites out there that pay you to listen to music and give your honest opinion. All you need is an internet connection, a pair of headphones, and a willingness to jam out to some tunes.

You don’t have to be an expert in music theory or have any special skills to make money. All you have to do is listen, provide feedback, and earn those sweet, sweet dollars.

So, if you’re ready to ditch the cubicle and turn up the volume, start exploring your options for making money by listening to music online.  We’ll also give you some tips on how to maximize your income. Continue reading!


EARNING POTENTIAL:Minimum $0.02 per song
  • Job Profile: Review music
  • Availability: US & Canada

SliceThePie is undoubtedly one of the most well-known platforms that provide the possibility to get paid for listening to music, and it offers this service.

Since its launch in 2007, the website has collected over 2 million reviewers, and hundreds more sign up every day.
A website called SliceThePie will pay you to listen to music. By analyzing and assessing the music you hear, you can make money.

Create an account and start listening to music to get started. Write a review and give it a rating when you find a piece of music you enjoy.

But before you can rate a song, begin writing an overview, or comment on what you liked or didn’t like about a piece of specific music, you must listen to it for at least 90 seconds!

Slicethepie pays about $0.02 for each song review, but if you remain consistent, your profits could increase and reach $0.2 per review.

You’ll be able to take part in more reviews as your account gets older. When posting a review, try to be as detailed as possible about the track’s many features.

For each review, payments are made quickly, and you have two weekly withdrawal limits. (via PayPal). However, before transferring your money, you must use at least $10 of your withdrawal limit.


EARNING POTENTIAL: Up to $12 per song
  • Job Profile: Review new songs
  • Availability: Worldwide

Do you want to be paid for listening to new music? Then, Playlist Push is one such service that currently offers music fans from around the world an opportunity to participate.

Users can actually earn money off of the playlists they have on Apple Music or Spotify. Additionally, this platform links playlist makers on various music platforms and apps with music artists. Through this software, musicians may directly pitch their songs to those who create playlists.

Actually, musicians like singers and music producers pay playlist makers to listen to their songs on this website. And you can include that to your playlist if you enjoy their music.

However, your Spotify or Apple Music playlist must have at least 400 subscribers. This website pays about $1 for every song review, but if you have a large following, you might get up to $12 per song.

Current Rewards

  • Job Profile: Listen to new music
  • Availability: Worldwide

You may earn up to $600 in cash or gift cards each year just for using the Current Rewards music app. As you tune into the radio stations of your choice, which range from hip-hop to country, you’ll earn points. Of course, your earnings will increase as you listen more.

And unlike streaming services like Spotify or Pandora, Current doesn’t charge you anything to listen to music that has been carefully chosen for you.

In addition to letting you jam out to music, Current Rewards allows you to earn points by performing tasks like finishing a survey or advancing a certain level in an in-app game. Additionally, watching video advertisements will earn you up to 15 points.


EARNING POTENTIAL:$5 for 15 tracks
  • Job Profile: Listen to new music
  • Availability: Worldwide

Have you ever dreamed of working in the music business and having access to new music before it becomes widely available? With the help of HitPredictor, a peer review platform that compiles customer feedback on new songs, you can now make this fantasy a reality.

You can select the kind of music you want to listen to when you join up. Next, you’ll rate the music you’ve just listened to.

HitPredictor gives you points in a similar manner to many of the music websites on this list. Every song you rate will get you 3 points, which you may use to enter raffles for Amazon gift cards.


EARNING POTENTIAL: Depends on the ads
  • Job Profile: Listen to online radio
  • Availability: Worldwide

Another website that allows you to make passive cash while listening to music is RadioEarn. You can start listening to online radio stations and accumulating points as soon as you create a free account.

Additionally, you may include a radio station on your own website using the API (application programming interface) provided by RadioEarn.

For every 15 minutes you spend listening to music, you will receive points. Payments can be made each month in the form of bank transfers, Bitcoin, or Amazon gift cards.


EARNING POTENTIAL: Around $0.08 per minute
  • Job Profile: Listen to online radio
  • Availability: Worldwide

You get paid by Cash4Minutes to access internet radio.

You can make extra money by making calls, and at the end of the month, your unused minutes are monetized. Here are some additional details on how it functions:

You must first register and create a profile. The phone numbers you plan to call from will be added. Next, make a test call to a phone number of your choice. After that, begin and earn money.

To listen to an online radio station and earn money for each minute spent listening, you will dial a number. You are paid via Cash4Minutes to play music.

To get paid, you have a variety of options, including PayPal, Bitcoin, bank transfer, and others. You can earn more money even more quickly by dialing many phone numbers.


EARNING POTENTIAL: Depends on the video
  • Job Profile: Watch new music videos
  •  Availability: Worldwide

A paid-to-do website called Earnably pays its members for doing certain jobs. Users must finish tasks for which they receive points. You receive a varied number of points for finishing each assignment.

These activities can include listening to the radio, watching commercials or music videos, or doing surveys. Users of Earnably are paid via PayPal, Bitcoin, and Amazon Gift Cards. The bare minimum withdrawal amount is $2, or 225 points.


EARNING POTENTIAL: Minimum $0.05 per song
  • Job Profile: Listen to music
  • Availability: Worldwide

A website called Musicxray allows musicians to contribute their tunes and get paid to do so. It’s a website that links talent scouts with artists. By submitting their songs to the site and gaining followers, these musicians can advertise their music and develop a fan base for a set expense.

For the purpose of listening to their preferred music, users can register as fans. It’s known as a fan match. The website then pays these users or fans to listen to the music of such amateur musicians. The majority of the recordings last just 30 seconds.

Only PayPal is used by Musicxray to pay its users. They give users 10 cents for each song. The minimum payout requirement is $20.

Alternative Ways To Make Money Listening To Music

Take Online Surveys

15 Best Survey Sites To Get Free Gift Cards Pay At Home 2023 Guide 8

Earning income from online surveys has become a popular way for people to supplement their income. One of the main benefits of taking online surveys is the flexibility it offers. You can complete them at any time of day, from anywhere with an internet connection.

This makes it an ideal option for those who need to earn extra money but have other commitments, such as students or stay-at-home parents.


10 Best Survey Sites To Get Free Gift Cards | Pay At Home (2023 Guide!)

Use your shopping receipt

From now on, don’t throw away shopping receipts easily. Shopping receipts do bring money. You can get cashback rewards by taking photos and uploading shopping receipts to Ibotta. You don’t need extra work. Ibotta provides corresponding cashback rewards based on your shopping history. Once the account exceeds $10, you can withdraw it.


Best Apps for Cash Back and Rewards| How I Make $800 Per Year

Sell your unused space

Selling unused space should be a quick and easy way to generate passive income. You might consider selling your unused garage, parking space, basement, attic, etc. Neighbor is a great rental platform. It is absolutely free for you to upload your information. A certain amount of commission will be charged only after successful rental.

How find suitable tenants is indeed a headache. Neighbor will help you find tenants and invite you to actively promote your rental information.


Neighbor Earn Passive Income | Rent Out Your Unused Space!

Final Thoughts

listening to music online to make money is a fun and enjoyable way to earn some extra cash. There are many different opportunities available, from music review websites to online focus groups, that allow music enthusiasts to get paid for their time and feedback.

By taking advantage of these opportunities, you can turn your passion for music into a lucrative side hustle. So why not give it a try? Start exploring the various options available today and discover how you can make money by simply listening to music online.

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