How To Combine Disney Gift Cards Onto One Card? | Step By Step

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 1

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Have you bought multiple cheap Disney gift cards, maybe 10, in multiple stores? But too many gift cards are very troublesome to carry and pay. With great luck, Disney can combine 5 gift cards into one.

Want to save money on food at Disney? Here are 10 simple money-saving tips.

How to do it Follow me the following steps can be done easily.

Why Combine Balances To The Same Primary Card?

1. There are restrictions on purchasing gift cards

Buying a gift card in the store doesn’t quite buy a gift card that fits the amount in your budget. For example, purchasing in Sam’s Club will limit the purchase of 2 gift cards per account. If you plan to purchase a total of $500 gift cards, then you need to go to other shopping malls, such as Target or BJ’s Wholesale.

You will have multiple gift cards at the same time and it will be difficult to manage. At this point, you can merge cards to manage your gift cards in a unified way. It is also a very good way to prevent loss.

2. The remaining amount of the gift card

While many people get gift card discounts through points and loyalty programs or bulk purchases of Disney packages, there are also plenty of people who use gift cards as a form of payment. After a few days of Disney visits: shopping for souvenirs, paying for tips, or paying for add-ons, there are various remaining gift cards for small amounts.

Please don’t throw away any of your Disney Gift Cards if there is a balance on them.

First, Disney cards don’t have an expiration date, so they can be used for any upcoming Disney vacations or future trips you may have to Disney stores. Second, Disney makes it quick and easy to consolidate your cards and consolidate balances onto one primary card.

3. Fast payment

You can combine all gift cards in the main card, and you don’t need to worry about insufficient balance in the gift card when you consume any Disney items.

There is also no need to carry multiple physical cards. The upper limit of the primary card is $1,000, and you can use the primary card as payment for any purchase.

It is conceivable that you carry multiple physical cards and do not know the balance of each card when you are spending in a restaurant. What an annoyance that you need to test the balance of each card on the spot.

How To Combine Disney Gift Cards

 1. Create an account online

how to combine disney gift cards Onto One Card step by step 2

First, log in to Click “sign in” and enter your email. If it is a new account, an account will be created automatically.

Note that this is a separate login from your Disney World website login. Once you’ve got all the basics set up, you’ll need to enter all of your Disney Gift Cards into their system (up to 5 at a time).

2. Enter the gift card number

how to combine disney gift cards Onto One Card step by step 1

Click to go to the top menu and select the “Manage Cards” drop-down menu, then select the “My Cards” option.

Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and start entering all of your card information. Note that you actually need to enter the number next to “Account:” on the back of the card. Not the long string of numbers below the barcode.

You will need to name each card you enter, and if it is a brand-new gift card, you can name it after the store.

When you enter your card information, you’ll see all gift cards listed on the right side of the screen. It will show the last 4 digits of each card and the balance of each card.

If you purchased an e-gift card, please check your email and find the corresponding card number to enter.

3. Select the main card

how to combine disney gift cards Onto One Card step by step 1

You can choose any card as your main card. You can choose a card with a relatively easy-to-remember card number as your main card.

Then go to one of your “secondary” cards and click the “Transfer Balance” button. A new screen will pop up, double check that you want to transfer the balance from the secondary card to the primary card. Once you agree, click the “Transfer Balance” button again.

Afterward, you’ll see a confirmation screen showing the new balance for both cards. You can then browse through the rest of the cards and transfer them to the main card as well. Remember, your primary card can only hold up to a maximum balance of $1,000.

4. Delete “auxiliary card”

The balance of the “auxiliary card” has been successfully transferred to the main card, please delete the “auxiliary card” from the account. If the balance of the main card has not reached 1,000 US dollars, you can continue to add “auxiliary cards” repeatedly and consolidate the balances of other “auxiliary cards” into the main card.

It is worth mentioning that you must delete the consolidated balance “auxiliary card” before you can add a new card. Because an account can only save 5 cards.5. Save the main card physical card

Do not discard the physical card of the main card. While digital gift cards can be used as payment for basic Disney purchases, there are certain table service locations where it’s easier to use a physical gift card when dining.

At this time, you need to manually enter the card number to make a successful purchase. You can save the number of the main card in the memo so that you can copy and paste it for quick input.

How Do I Check The Balance On My Disney Gift Card?

how to combine disney gift cards Onto One Card step by step 3

Check your balance here. You can check the balance of any card and transfer the balance to the main card online.

If you don’t know what the numbers on the gift card mean, you can put the mouse on the exclamation mark and there will be a corresponding tutorial.

How Much Can I transfer?

Disney Gift Cards can hold up to $1000.00 in cash. So, in fact, you could transfer $1000.00, but only if the card you were sending it to had a balance of $0.

This means that you will need to have more than one card active if you’re saving cards to pay for holidays that cost more than $1,000.

Where To Buy Cheaper Disney Gift Cards?

Maybe you have already bought gift cards, but I still want you to know more about where you can buy gift cards with different discounts. Maybe you can get a Disney gift card for cheaper.

For specific tutorials, please click here to learn more. Here are five of the most common methods.


Combining Disney gift cards is a very important thing. Although it is a little difficult for you for the first time, you only need to operate it once, which can make you happier playing in Disney.

If you want to learn more about how to save money on food at Disney, here are 10 ways to do it.

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