How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 : Save More 24%

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 2

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It’s simple to save money by using discounted Disney gift cards to pay for all (or a part of) your visit to Disney World. By using cheap Disney gift cards to cover all of this, you can easily save hundreds of dollars!

There are various locations that provide discounted Disney gift cards, and each one has advantages and disadvantages.

In this post, I’ll share the top five ways to get a Disney gift card discount and how to buy gift cards cheaper.

What Is A Disney Gift Card?

Actually, there are three different items that one may reasonably refer to as “Disney Gift Cards”:

 1. An Actual Disney Gift Card

Most of this post will focus on this topic because this is what people typically discuss. It’s the standard Disney gift card that can be used at the majority of Disney businesses in the United States and may be bought everywhere from the Disney Store to Jewel.

2. A Disney Rewards Redemption Card

This is where points earned from a Disney Rewards Chase Visa are added. In the Disney Rewards program, they are the main way to redeem points. It works at most Disney places in the United States, much like a Disney gift card. Instead of a gift card.

3. A Disney Store Merchandise Credit

We want to warn you about the risk of scams that are selling Disney Store goods credits, which are on cards, as “Disney gift cards,” even though few people would call this a “Disney gift card.” These credits are much less valuable to Disney travelers because they can only be used at the Disney Store.

Where Can I Use A Disney Gift Card?

Disney gift cards can be used for practically all things Disney:

Basically, Disney accepts gift cards for payment. So if you want to save money in a more direct way, learning how to buy cheaper gift cards is essential.

Where To Buy Cheaper Disney Gift Cards?

You can buy Disney gift cards online or in stores such as BJ’s Wholesale, Sam’s Club, and Target. The following will discuss how to buy gift cards at a lower price in the store.

Sam’s Club-Up To 24% Discount

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 3

If you are already Sam’s member, you can get 4% off when you buy a Disney gift card at Sam’s. That means you can buy a $50 gift card for $47.98.

You can save a total of 24% with Rebatesme an extra 20% cashback. Click here to learn more about the cashback app Rebatesme.

Don’t have a Sam’s Club card? This article can help you how to get Sam’s Club card cheaper. Sometimes Groupon or other cashback sites can be used to buy Sam’s Club at a lower price.

But if you don’t have the habit of spending at Sam’s, it’s obviously not good to buy a membership for a Disney gift card.

Sam’s Club Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

Pros Save 4%, Use Rebatesme to get an extra 20%, up to a total of 24% off

Cons: Must have a $45 membership

Target-Up To 8.6% Discount

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 1

There is no discount on Disney gift cards sold by Target itself, but if you have a Target REDcard, you can get 5% off.Just add the Disney Gift Card to your cart at (or a Target store) and use your RED card as your payment method at checkout.

There is no annual fee to apply for Target REDcard, but I think you don’t need to apply for Target REDcard if you don’t often shop at Target.

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 3

If you still choose to buy Disney gift cards at target, try Top Cashback to get 3.6% cashback. Saving money doesn’t matter the amount.Target Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

Pros: Save 3.6%-8.6%

Cons: Must pay with a REDcard

BJ’s Wholesale-Up To 6% Discount

If you don’t want to open a Sam’s or target card, BJ’s Wholesale should be your first choice for buying Disney gift cards.

You may ask that BJ’s also requires membership to purchase gift cards. do not worry! You can try out BJ’s with a free one-day pass and buy all the gift cards you need for your trip.

You’ll have 24 hours to buy discounted Disney gift cards (and anything else you want!) without purchasing a membership. (free trial membership)

The best deal right now is the $100 BJs Disney Gift Card for $95.99. That’s 4% off, while BJ’s other gift cards offer less than 4% off.

You can save even more when you purchase these gift cards with a credit card that earns rewards or cash back.

You could try to go through a shopping portal to earn additional points or savings — typically only 1–2% extra cashback at BJ’s Wholesale.

Tip: You can go to the Disney gift card website to combine the amounts of multiple gift cards before purchasing, and make a travel budget before choosing a gift card that is more suitable for you.

BJ’s Wholesale Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

Pros: No membership required, save 4%-6%

Cons: Only 24 hours to buy

Shopdisney- Up To 4% Discount

How To Buy Discounted Disney Gift Cards 2023 Save More 24 5

The most convenient and fastest way is of course to buy gift cards on Shopdisney. Although there is no discount for buying gift cards like target, you can use Topcashback, a cashback network, to get a 4% discount.

Not only discounts for gift cards, but you can also get 4% off any genuine Disney merchandise on Shopdisney. Sometimes you can buy toys for 50% off at ShopDisney

Shopdisney Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

Pros: Convenient and fast, you can also buy other goods

Cons: Relatively small discount

Credit Card Offers-Up To 5% Discount

Credit cards like Chase Freedom (which is no longer accepting new applicants) give 5% cash back on a rotating quarterly calendar of retailers and store categories, up to $1,500 every quarter.

Sam’s Club and other wholesale clubs have previously provided 5% cash back when using the Chase Freedom credit card. When this happened, you could add an extra 5% back to Disney cards that have already been discounted.

If you purchase a Disney card from Sam’s Club at a discount and then triple stack the Freedom 5x during a bonus quarter, you could earn a respectable profit. You could also add potential Rakuten cash-back earnings.

The usual suspects on the rolling quarterly calendars include Best Buy, supermarkets, drugstores, Amazon, and department stores, all of which sell Disney gift cards.

The credit card offers Disney Gift Card Discount Pros & Cons

Pros: Extra 5% cash back or bonus points

Cons: Need to keep track of the instant credit card’s reward mechanism yourself

Gift Card Site-Up To 1% Discount

To be honest, I’m not a big fan of buying Disney gift cards from various gift card sites. Because the discount is really very small. For example, only offers a 0.7% discount to buy, which is not much different from the original price.

I hope you can use the method mentioned above to buy. If you choose to buy gift cards from a gift card site, check to see if the cashback site offers additional cashback.

Gift Card Site Disney Gift Card Discount

Pros: Proseasy to buy

Cons: Discount is too low and easy to run out of stock

How To Combine My Disney Gift Cards?


I know it can be very difficult to manage to purchase too many gift cards with different amounts. But thankfully there is a solution. Disney allows you to combine multiple cards into one here!

This, in my opinion, is one of the nicest features of Disney gift cards. On your vacation, you just need to keep track of one card and you can transfer balances between cards.

If you have more than $1,000, you’ll need many Disney gift cards because the most you can spend on one card is $1,000. Click here to learn more step guidance.

It is worth noting that Disney’s combined card policy can only accept up to 5 cards. If you have more than 5 cards, you need to transfer the balance to the main card and then delete the card with a blank balance before continuing to bind other cards.

Are Disney gift cards worth it?

I personally think it’s worth it. Because using the Disney gift card I will save 5% or more on at least this trip to Disney. And many Disney facilities support payment with gift cards, such as hotels, tickets, and restaurants.

So why not just use the gift card? All you need to do is plan your travels and buy gift cards online in advance to save money easily.

How much can I save with discount Disney gift cards?

Using discounted Disney gift cards can allow you to save between 5% and 10% on your trip. (More detail on how we arrived at these numbers is provided below.)

  • The baseline is 5%. It’s really simple to save 5% by using a Target RedCard or any of the credit cards that give back 5% on specific transactions.
  • 10% is probably the maximum bound. You can reach 9% with the appropriate mixture of great luck, credit cards, and possibly wholesale store subscriptions.

You may reach 11.2% with a little more effort, which usually calls for a credit card with a high annual charge. I’m not aware of any simple strategies to help you reach 10%.

And if you happen to be on a shopping site offering discounts on Disney gift cards, you’ll save even more. However, this opportunity seems to be very small. According to my observation, shopping sites don’t easily hold Disney gift card discounts.

But saving 5% is also a good saving plan for a family. Here’s an example

Here’s a sample booking for a four-day, five-night Disney vacation for a family of four (kids both 10+). Let’s say that Assuming all purchases are made using gift cards:

  • Dates — December 15-19, 2023
  • Hotel — Pop Century — $1,684
  • Tickets — 4 Day w/ Park Hopper — $3,448

That’s a total of $5,132. With the gift card method for saving 5% using discount Disney gift cards, the family spends $4,875.4 on this trip. (total savings of $256.6)

The money saved can buy more delicious food at Disney. It’s really awesome!

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