How Does Cash Back Work At Walmart? Answered In 10 Minutes

Missed out on Walmart Cashback

Although electronic payment is now the main means of payment for people’s daily consumption. But it’s always helpful to have a small amount of cash on hand because you never know when you’ll need it. However, going to a bank or ATM to withdraw cash is not only cumbersome but also requires a certain amount of handling fees.

So what’s the best way to get a small amount of cash without having to pay a fee or make a lot of effort? This is when retail store cashback is helpful.

Want to learn about Walmart’s cash-back rewards to save money? Here can help you save 5%-10% money.

What is cashback?

You may search for Walmart cash back and two completely different explanations will appear. The first is a cash-back bonus that you can additionally earn on your purchases at Walmart.

For example, if you make a $20 purchase, you get an additional 2% cash back bonus, which you can interpret as you getting extra money; the second is the money you withdraw from your debit card when you shop at Walmart, which you can think of as the money you get back from the retailer.

Walmart is one of the many stores that offer cash back. If you need cash urgently and don’t want to use an ATM to get it, you can consider using CVS to withdraw cash. This is completely free of fee.

Benefits of Walmart Cashback Deals

Maybe you’re wondering why I need to go to a store to get cashback. Aren’t stores just places to shop? No, the great thing about getting your cash back at a store like Walmart is that there are no additional fees.

  • No fees

ATMs require a fee for all cash withdrawals. This is certainly a wasteful act for withdrawing cash in small amounts. If you only need a small amount of cash, your choice of Walmart to go for cash withdrawals is a great way to go. Because it’s completely free!

  • Quick and easy

Most people go to Walmart at least once a week to do their shopping, and you can withdraw cash on the way while you shop. You don’t need to make an extra trip to the bank or ATM to withdraw cash. Unless you are withdrawing a very large amount, there is absolutely no need to waste this time.

What is the limit for Walmart cashback?

How much cash back you can get at Walmart depends on your payment method. You can use a debit card or personal check as a payment method, but you cannot use a credit card to request cash back. These include MasterCard and American Express, which do not accept cash-back requests.

  • Debit Card Payments

If you pay with a debit card, you can get up to $100 cashback – either from a regular cash register or a self-checkout. You can withdraw cash in multiples of 20, such as $40, $60, $80, or $100. You cannot withdraw cash in special numbers.

  • Paying by personal check

If you pay with a personal check, you can only get $20 cash back and it must come from a regular cash register.

  • Discover Payments

Fortunately, Walmart participates in the Discover cash back program and if you pay with Discover, you can get up to $120 cashback from regular cash registers and self-checkout registers.

Walmart EDLP signage checkout

How to get cash back at Walmart?

You already know how much cash back you can get with different payment methods, so how should you actually do it? You need to make a purchase for each cash withdrawal, but you can spend 1 cent to get $100 cashback. But it seems there are no 1-cent items, right? Spend any amount you want!

Cash Back Debit Cards

Using a debit card to get cash back is the easiest way to get cash back, and you can get it at a regular register or a self-checkout. Unless you are enrolled in your bank’s overdraft program, the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw depends on the balance on your debit card and Walmart’s daily withdrawal limit.

How do I do this?

  1. Go to any Walmart store and make any purchase
  2. Check out at a regular register or a self-checkout
  3. At the checkout, the machine will ask if you want cash back, if not, please consult the customer service center
  4. Enter the amount of cash back you want, up to $100
  5. Choose your debit card as the payment method
  6. The order amount will be the purchase amount + cashback amount
  7. Get the cash and shopping receipt after successful payment

Each self-checkout machine has a limited amount of cash, which means that one self-checkout machine cannot fully satisfy your cash withdrawal requirements. Please try multiple self-checkout machines to get cash back.

As an extra reminder, don’t throw away your purchase receipts. Did you know that Walmart receipts can be used to get extra cashback rewards at Ibotta? For more tips, read the Walmart and Ibotta partnership presentation

Cash Back Personal Checks

You can also use personal checks for cash back, but due to the complexity of paying for checks, you can only get up to $20 cashback from regular cash registers. You need to keep the total amount of the purchase and the required cash back to no more than the total amount of the check.

How do I do this?

  1. Go to any Walmart store and make any purchase
  2. Go to a regular cash register and check out
  3. Tell the cashier you need $20 cash back
  4. Write down a check for the total amount of your purchase and cash back
  5. After verification, receive your cashback and your receipt

Is there a fee to withdraw cash from Walmart?

There is no additional fee to make a cash-back withdrawal at Walmart. You only need to make a small purchase at Walmart to receive up to $100 in cash back. This will be treated as a purchase by Walmart. For example, if you use $50 to purchase a $10 item, the cashier will pay you $40 in cash back.

When can you get cash back at Walmart?

As long as you apply for cash back during Walmart’s offline hours of operation you are generally successful. Walmart stores in each area do not have exactly the same hours, and some stores close at 10:00 pm. Make sure you go to Walmart at a time that is out of business hours.

If you miss a Walmart store, you can also consider applying for cash back at CVS, which has no fees and is more convenient.


Getting cash back at Walmart is very easy, and Walmart’s cashback limit can be $20, $40, or $100, depending on the payment method you use when you shop. CVS stores are also a great option for cash back if you miss Walmart’s hours of operation.

If you’re looking for ways to save money by getting cash-back rewards on your Walmart purchases, then this would be a good guide to follow. You can save 5%-10% money every time you shop. Give it a try!

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