How Do Not Members Get Free Shipping At Walmart? (Answered)

How Do Not Members Get Free Shipping At Walmart Answered 3

I’m sure everyone has the experience of buying at Walmart because it’s so convenient. But you’ll find that Walmart doesn’t always offer free shipping, especially without a Walmart membership. Don’t worry, this article offers 7 ways to get you free shipping at Walmart. Keep reading!~

How to Get Free Shipping at Walmart in 2022?

Here are 7 ways to get free shipping from Walmart.

1. Free next-day or 2-day shipping from Walmart on orders over $35

If you buy $35 or more on the same order, you can get free Walmart shipping on most Walmart items. This is one of Walmart’s most distinctive services. Even if you’re not a Walmart member, you can get Walmart shipping for free.

Please note: Not every product is eligible for free shipping, and you need to read the shipping terms of service carefully when purchasing products. And pay attention to whether the order has added a shipping fee.

2. Free curbside pickup at Walmart

The initial free curbside pickup is limited to groceries. In May 2020, Walmart has undergone a service upgrade, and some products such as clothing, office supplies, and other products are provided with curbside pickup services. If you purchase the minimum order amount (requirements vary by store), then you can opt for free curbside pickup. Super convenient!

Use Walmart’s online location finder to check if the free service is available in your location.

3. Use Walmart in-store pickup

Because not all items allow curbside pickup, you will need to pick up your order in-store at this time to enjoy free shipping. Even better, some items have a pickup discount, which will result in a lower price than buying direct in-store.

You will receive an order notification after completing your purchase, and Walmart will hold and pack your item. You only need to come to the designated pickup location of Walmart, and after scanning the barcode, the goods will be automatically delivered to you, reducing contact with people.

Another benefit of in-store pickup is that multiple orders placed on the same day can also be picked up together. Pickup orders are usually ready for pick up within 4 hours if the order is placed before 4 pm. Items purchased after 4 pm can be picked up the next day.

4. Use Walmart Free Shipping Promo Codes

Walmart frequently releases promotional discount codes, which include discounts on merchandise and shipping. This kind of activity will often appear during the school season, Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other seasonal events.
I can’t give you discount codes here, but you can keep an eye on Walmart’s promotions and check out coupon sites like Coupon Follow, WSJ, and Groupon. It will take some patience on your part to get the free promo code.

How Do Not Members Get Free Shipping At Walmart Answered 5

5. Free Shipping on FedEx Office Pickup Orders

Even better if there is a FedEx office near you!  You can order items online and send them to a FedEx office, and the order will be held for 5 days, so we recommend that you pick it up as soon as possible.

But not all items have the option to be sent to a FedEx office, and FedEx pickup is only available if all items in your order are eligible. check the details.

At the same time, you can also choose the FedEx free shipping service for returns. When you go through the return process on Walmart, Walmart sends a FedEx free shipping label in the mail.

6. Become a Walmart Plus member

The 5 methods provided above all allow you to ship for free, but is it a bit complicated to use? The best way to do this is to become a Walmart Plus member.

Walmart+, Walmart’s subscription service, offers free same-day shipping and free shipping from Walmart, with no minimum requirements for subscribers. You’ll enjoy unlimited free shipping on everything from home essentials, to groceries, clothes, toys, and more! You can avoid these hassles: looking for shipping discount codes, limited delivery of items, limited order amount, too many people in the mall, etc.

Walmart+ free shipping offers include:

  • There is no delivery fee for a single same-day delivery Walmart order of at least $35. Walmart+ offers free shipping on same-day orders for groceries and select groceries (usually $7.95 or $9.95).
  • Free shipping on all eligible orders with no minimums. That means, for Walmart+ members, the $35 free shipping threshold doesn’t apply!
  • Heavy or oversized items that require shipping are not eligible for free shipping.

Is there a way to save on a Walmart+ subscription?

Of course!~
1. 30-day free trial Walmart+
Click here to try the Walmart+ service for free and cancel at any time. Walmart once appeared to use the 90-day free Walmart+ service, which requires you to pay attention to the information to get it.

2. Use cash back
Both Rebatesme and topcashback offer cashback on Walmart+ membership subscriptions. You can save your money by using cashback. Rebatesme offers up to 12% cash back for only $86 per year (or $11.39 per month).

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How Do Not Members Get Free Shipping At Walmart Answered 1

3. Cashback on shopping with Ibotta

Ibotta cooperates with Walmart. After binding Ibotta, your order will automatically get a certain percentage of cash back without any operation. You can reimburse your Walmart+ subscription by saving money on your order. Sign up for Ibotta now and get a $10 bonus.

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Owning Walmart+ is the best way to save on shipping, but you still don’t want to subscribe to Walmart+ with the option to get free shipping on every purchase over $35. Most items will support free shipping. Other methods may be relatively cumbersome for most, but free shipping is also possible.

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