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Shein claims to be “an international B2C fast fashion e-commerce platform that focuses on women’s clothing and also provides men’s clothing, children’s clothing, accessories, shoes, bags and other fashion items”. Shein has exploded on the scene as a global online retailer in recent years thanks to its cheap prices and great service.

As a smart consumer, have you ever wondered if there is a cash back reward for Shein? The answer is yes. So how do we get the maximum cashback percentage? Or which method of cash back is better? The following will answer them one by one.

Does Shein offer cash back?

I tried to contact Shein official customer service to learn about cashback. But unfortunately, Shein did not officially provide cash back. However, Shein has deep cooperation with rebate sites.

At present, all categories can find the corresponding cashback rate on the cashback website. To get cash back, you need to register an account and activate order tracking before shopping. It’s totally free.

Based on data from cashback comparison sites, these 7 sites are the best way to get cashback from US Shein:

Can I make Shein purchases through the cashback app?

In fact, after activating order tracking through the cashback app, you’re automatically redirected into Shein’s mobile web page, not Shein’s app.

Because there is currently no cashback app that automatically binds the Shein app to get cashback, which is different from the cooperation between Walmart and Ibotta.

But the shopping process is the same.

Can I still get cash back when I cancel my order?

This is not possible. Cash back requires the order to be successfully shipped and held for at least 30 days before it can be added to the account. The rules of each cashback website are different, but they all do not support canceling orders to get cashback.

What are the steps for cash back?

It may be a bit unfamiliar to the first time using cash back, but it is actually very simple and easy to operate.

  1. Sign up and log in to the cashback website;
  2. Search the website for Shein;
  3. Go to the Shein website and automatically activate order tracking;
  4. Purchase product and pay successfully

On the cashback website, you can see that the order you just placed is in a waiting state. If you keep the order for at least 30 days, the cashback will be automatically withdrawn to the account. Each platform has different rules for cash withdrawal. You can learn more about the cashback website evaluation content above.

What else can I do to save money?

Of course there are other ways to save money. You can also save money by using coupons or purchasing Shein’s merchandise during the event period. Here are a few ways to successfully get valid coupons.

Tip: Cashback combined with coupons will save you even more.

Use the Shein app to get 15% or 20% off coupons
Registering new users through the Shein app can get two coupons for free, but the coupons are only valid for one week. So you can plan to buy on Shein and then choose to register. Unfortunately, they only allow one coupon. But there are other ways to earn stacking rewards.

Participate in Shein’s Free Try-On Program
Shein has a free try-on program for consumers to experiment with clothes. Each consumer can only choose to participate in three programs a week, regardless of whether they are selected or not. You can choose to view the number of applicants for each program to decide whether to participate in the program to improve your success rate.

How to stack coupons?

Shein looks for influencers on TikTok or Youtube and issues special coupons for their followers. This type of coupon can be used in combination with regular coupons. But it can be a hassle especially when it comes to finding coupons, so use it with cash back to maximize your savings.

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Is there a browser app extension that automatically looks for coupons?

I’m glad you have this question! There is no doubt that tools can increase the efficiency of people’s work. The following browser extensions are highly recommended:


Honey is a browser plug-in that helps you save money while shopping, it can automatically help you find the best coupons and compare prices on different websites when shopping online.

Honey is primarily a browser plug-in that supports major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. It has more than 40,000 partner merchants, and can automatically search for the most powerful and available coupons for users when shopping at these merchants.

Related reading: How to use honey to save more money?


PriceBlink is a browser extension that automatically finds coupons. Unlike honey, its coupons aren’t exactly valid. And you need to manually enter the coupon settlement. At the same time PriceBlink has no cash back rewards.

But PriceBlink can provide coupons for different entrances so that you can easily buy the products you want.


Slickdeals is a browser extension that automatically finds valid coupons. It is better than honey in that there will be discounts of different merchants on the day in the browser extension, and you can directly choose to buy them.

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My review

Shein is a cheap and affordable website for buying clothing, but unfortunately it does not have a cashback clause. But it partners with other sites to offer up to 15% cash back, and you can get cash back by activating tracked orders before you buy.

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