How Can I Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card? 3 Tricks

How Can I Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card 3 Tricks 1

A Walmart gift card can be used to make purchases at local Walmart stores as well as online and through the Walmart app. But what if you only require a small amount of cash instead, or if you don’t utilize the entire balance on the card?

If you find yourself in this situation, you may be wondering if you can receive cashback from a Walmart gift card.

Let’s discuss the details of Walmart gift card cashback, including the method, any fees, and concerns you should make before submitting your request. Continue reading.

Can You Get Cash Back From A Walmart Gift Card?

No, getting cash back from a Walmart gift card is impossible. Walmart does not usually offer cash back on the unused balances on its gift cards, even though it has eased our way of paying for products.

You can get cash back in Massachusetts, Vermont, Vermont, Rhode Island, Oregon, New Jersey, Montana, Maine, Colorado, and Washington if your card has less than $10 left on it.

What if I’m not in the above states but still want to use my gift card to get cash back at Walmart?

I think this is the answer most people want to know. Here’s how it works

1. Buy something with a Walmart gift card

If you want to get the full balance back on your gift card, you’ll need to purchase more than the gift card balance and pay the difference with cash or a debit card.

Example: Your gift card balance is $50, you need to purchase $60 of merchandise, and pay the extra $10 in cash.

2. Keep the receipt and the purchased items.

Do not unpack and use the purchased item, please keep it in its original condition.

3. Make returns within 14 days

You can return your purchase to Walmart for a refund. Refunds will be credited to your debit card instead of a gift card.

But this will be time-consuming and labor-intensive, so why not consider selling gift cards directly? It can be done at home!

How Do You Get Cash Back?

If your state allows merchants to give cash back for gift cards, bring your gift card to a customer service desk and request your money back. It is as simple as it sounds!

You can ask the store manager to help you if the customer service agent at the desk is unable to. It’s possible that Walmart stores in the states where gift cards can be exchanged for cash have specific rules.

For the most part, they require that the gift card balance be between $5 to $10 in order for you to receive a refund.

How can I get cash back at Walmart?

Walmart Cash Back is also a very convenient way to get cash back with no fees. But using gift cards to get cash back is obviously not a very common method, so is there any other way I can get more cash directly? There are two common methods:

  • Cash Back Debit Cards

Using a debit card to get cash back is the easiest way to get cash back, and you can get it at a regular register or a self-checkout. Unless you are enrolled in your bank’s overdraft program, the maximum amount of cash you can withdraw depends on the balance on your debit card and Walmart’s daily withdrawal limit.

  • Cash Back Personal Checks

You can also use personal checks for cash back, but due to the complexity of paying for checks, you can only get up to $20 cashback from regular cash registers. You need to keep the total amount of the purchase and the required cash back to no more than the total amount of the check.

Want more step-by-step guides? Click here for more details

Where to Redeem Walmart Gift Cards for Cash?

If you just want to exchange your Walmart gift card for cash, and Walmart supports gift card cash back only up to $5/$10, and your gift card balance is more than $5/$10, then there are several options. the

1. Sell Walmart cards online through sites like Raise.

The different gift card websites offer different prices for the same gift card. You can compare several gift card websites to choose the best price. But it is worth noting that the price of selling gift cards is generally not higher than the face value of the original gift card. It tends to recycle your gift cards for 75%-90% off.

Read more reviews of different gift card sites

2. Check out local retailers participating in gift card swaps.

If you have a retailer near you, ask if they offer gift card exchanges and whether they offer details like the best gift card price or trade-in value.

3. Find a bank

If you want to avoid gift card transactions with third-party merchants, you can choose to cooperate with banks to exchange gift cards. But if you only have one or two Walmart gift cards, I personally don’t think it is necessary to deal with the bank.

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3 Quick & Easy Tricks To Get Cashback From Walmart Gift Cards

If you reconsider your decision and decide to keep using your card, you can continue to take advantage of a variety of advantages each time you make a purchase at Walmart. You can always top up your balance since the card never expires.

So how can gift cards maximize savings at Walmart? The following three methods are very practical.

1. Make sure you are buying discounted gift cards online.

The first step to using gift cards starts with thinking about how to buy cheap Walmart gift cards. Otherwise, saving money with gift cards would be pointless.

You might consider using gift card sites like Raise, CardCash, and GiftCardGranny to buy cheap Walmart cards. But it’s not often that there are discounted gift cards, and you need to pay close attention to your subscription email notifications.

The Fluz application can solve the above problems. You can always see discounted Walmart gift cards on Fluz. If you didn’t realize you could use a gift card when you checked out, you can buy a gift card right away in Fluz.

2. Use a cashback site.

Cashback sites can help you save 1%-5% of your money why not give it a try? If you prefer to shop online, then spend 10 seconds using a third-party cashback website to activate and track order information, and you can easily get cash-back rewards. Cashback sites are completely free to use.

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3. Connecting Walmart and Ibotta

If you prefer to shop offline, don’t just throw away your Walmart receipts! It’s a totally money-making receipt. Ibotta can provide different rates of cash back based on the Walmart shopping receipts you upload. You just need to take a photo of the shopping receipt and upload it to Ibotta.

The steps are too troublesome? Ibotta and Walmart also have a corresponding partnership! You only need to link your Walmart account with Ibotta, and every time you shop at Walmart, your shopping records will be automatically uploaded to Ibotta.

Before you know it, your Ibotta will be accumulating cash! This is purely passive income.

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Final Thoughts

If your state’s laws allow it, you can earn cashback from your Walmart gift card. Contact your local store and ask the manager to clarify if you’re still unsure.

If it so happens that you can’t get cash back, there are options you can take to get some money back. You could also sell your card on an online gift card marketplace or exchange it for a different gift card at Walmart using CardCash. If you don’t mind losing a few dollars, another option is to gift your card to someone else.

Good luck getting cash or have fun using your gift card to shop!

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