Get Walmart Best Deals | Step by Step With Ibotta 2022

In the previous years, Walmart Inc. has been endeavoring to stay aware of its “Ordinary Low Prices” guarantee through techniques and projects that assist clients with setting aside cash while shopping.

The new drive including Walmart and Ibotta has started a lot of interest among purchasers, with most clients considering what is Walmart and Ibotta? This is the very thing that I found about the subject!

What Are Walmart And Ibotta In 2022?


An extension of the relationship that Walmart and Ibotta manufactured in 2018, the new program will allow customers to bring in money discounts on top of the reserve funds they traverse Walmart’s ordinary low costs. Interestingly, discounts will be reclaimed and cash given straightforwardly to clients’ Walmart records to be utilized for future Walmart buys, applied toward a Walmart+ enrollment, utilized for staple conveyance and the sky is the limit from there. Walmart and Ibotta additionally predict the combination of amazing open doors with the retailer’s more extensive monetary administration contributions.

If you want to learn more about how the partnership between Walmart and Ibotta works, how to use Ibotta for in-store and online shopping, scan receipts, and more, keep reading!

Does Ibotta belong to Walmart?

No, Walmart doesn’t own Ibotta. Instead, Walmart and Ibotta are two companies that have formed a multi-year partnership to introduce more digital ways for Walmart customers to save money.

Thanks to this partnership, Ibotta can display the best deals on items on the Walmart app and

After that, Walmart customers can get multiple merchandise rebates (Walmart price discounts + ibotta rebates) on popular products, and finally enjoy Walmart’s “everyday low prices” promise. The redeemed cash is then sent to the customer’s Walmart account and can be used for future purchases, Walmart+ membership subscriptions, grocery deliveries, and more.

As part of the partnership agreement, Walmart joined the Ibotta Performance Network (IPN), a digital initiative. It offers cash rebates on third-party websites, including recipe hubs, social media, and other platforms. This is the greatest improvement.

That said, the partnership between Ibotta and Walmart is expected to boost Walmart’s digital data capacity and e-commerce sales.

How Do I Use Ibotta At Walmart?

First, you need to have an ibotta account. If you don’t have one, you can register one first. Sign up through our invitation link to get a $10 new user bonus.

This article is only for how to use Ibotta and Walmart, other extended functions can be read

when you connect your Ibotta record to your Walmart account, you can make money back at, Walmart in-store, pick up, or delivery services.

If you already have an account, please follow the steps below

  1. Download the Walmart Grocery app and Ibotta app if you haven’t already
  2. Link the Ibotta app to your Walmart account
  3. Redeem Ibotta Walmart offers
  4. Use the Pay with Ibotta feature at checkout to buy a Walmart e-gift card to pay for your purchase

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart Online?

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart Online?

Yes! To receive cash-back for online shopping at, you should visit Walmart’s page through the Ibotta app and complete your shopping on the app.

Additionally, here are the steps to follow when shopping online at Walmart with Ibotta:

On the Ibotta app, click the Online Shopping icon on the home screen.

• Choose Walmart as your preferred online retailer.

• Once you have selected Walmart as your retailer, click on “Store”

• The Ibotta app will redirect you to Walmart’s website so you can continue shopping.

• Add items with discounts.

• Once you complete your purchase, Ibotta will update you with pending cashback and when your earnings will be reflected.

Ibotta guarantees within two hours from when you place your order until they verify and send you a successful email confirmation. But that doesn’t mean the item will be shipped within two hours.

Does Ibotta Work With Walmart In-Store?

Walmart grocery online

Of course! You can keep receipts after paying for items while shopping in Walmart stores. Earn cashback by submitting receipts to the Ibotta app. Here are the steps to follow when shopping in-store at Walmart with Ibotta:

  1. Make sure your ibotta account is linked to your Walmart account
  2. After shopping, keep the receipt and take a photo
  3. Using the Ibotta app, select “Redeem” on the navigation bar.
  4. Select Walmart to submit the receipt.
  5. Upload your receipt.
  6. Please make sure that the photographic receipt is legible and complete.

When Ibotta validates your purchase, you’ll earn a cashback reward for using Ibotta with Walmart grocery pickup! It’s seriously that easy.

Does Ibotta Accept Online Receipts From Walmart?

Unfortunately, Ibotta does not accept online receipts from Walmart.

As much as Ibotta accepts receipts uploads, the uploaded receipts should be physical receipts obtained from Walmart POS (Point of Sale).

For Walmart receipts to qualify for redemption, they have to bear the following characteristics:

• The name of the store

• Store logo

• The location of the store

• The date and time of purchase

• The total and subtotal

• Items eligible for Ibotta cash-back

Further, the receipt must be printed at the store and submitted within seven days from the day of purchase.

However, the receipts submitted to Ibotta for Walmart in-store purchases must not: Be an emailed pick-up receipt, e-receipt, screenshot, digital receipt, or a receipt printed at home.

Paying with Walmart E-gift Cards

If you often use Walmart for shopping, it is strongly recommended that you use the following methods to pay quickly.

1. Tap “Pay with Ibotta” in the app

2. Choose a store to buy your gift card from (e.g. Walmart)

3. Enter the amount you would like to purchase for the card

4. Use this gift card to pay for your purchase at checkout

Remember, you’ll also get cash back on these purchases.

Each store has a unique cashback percentage, so it will vary based on where you shop. This will save you even more money if you buy a gift card with a discount itself!


I think the feature of about working with Walmart is a good choice for most people. It may be a little difficult to use for the first time for people who have not shopped with a cashback app. But trust me, using a rebate app can save you a lot. I believe that the guidance in this article is suitable for most people to learn and use.

For people like me who often use Walmart for shopping, the function of ibotta is useful!

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