Get A Free $5 Amazon Gift Card And 3-month USAToday Subscription In 1 Minute

USAToday, a very well-known news outlet in the United States, now subscribe to USAToday for free for 3 months through the invite link and get a $5 Amazon gift card!
Earn $5 Amazon GC easily with the Privacy Virtual Card.

Follow my steps

Step 1: Click the event invitation link to enter the event page, and you can see the reward reminder (free for the first month + $5 Amazon GC):
Then enter your email:

Step 2: Enter the checkout page after filling in the relevant information. At this time, you can see that the total checkout amount is $0.

When filling in the credit card, to avoid being charged for forgetting to cancel the subscription later, you can choose to use the Privacy virtual card. Setting the default amount will not be a big loss even if it is deducted.

Step 3: After the registration is completed, you will receive a confirmation email.
Since I just signed up too, it’s not clear when I’ll receive the $5 Amazon gift card. Through consulting customer service, I learned that the $5 gift card will be sent to the registered email within 1-2 weeks after the subscription, and the free month subscription can also be regarded as a gift card.
Note:People who are prone to forget to unsubscribe can get a gift card and contact customer service to unsubscribe. Content can still be read after unsubscribing.

About payment

  • Regular credit cards can be used
  • It is recommended to pay with the Privacy virtual card. When making these offers, I recommend using the Privacy virtual credit card. In Privacy, you can generate a temporary card/disposable card and set a maximum consumption limit, which can prevent the leakage of real credit card information from being stolen, or deducted maliciously.

Subscription price

If you want to continue to subscribe after 3 months of free subscription, the following is its subscription price.

(Limited-time subscription activity ends at any time)

After comparing different rebate apps, I found that there is a USAToday subscription rebate on rakuten, please remember to use it to save more money! ~

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