Find The Cheapest Gas? 8 Gas App To Get Money Back Easily

Find The Cheapest Gas 8 Gas App To Get Money Back Easily

With gas prices rising, many drivers are struggling with high gas bills. Thankfully, we can save money with a gas app or a cash-back app. Different gasoline apps are suitable for different drivers, and you can save at least $100 or more per year by using the gasoline app.

Read on for 8 apps below that will help you find the cheapest gas or get cash back on gas. Stop paying full price for gas.

Gasoline cashback app

Upside – Best Cashback App for Gasoline


  • Looking for cheap gas

  • Cost: Free

  • Cashback on gas

  • Cashback on Restaurants


  • Added promo code "AU7392" to get 35¢/gal off

The upside is an app that partners with some of the biggest gas companies, and grocery and restaurant brands to earn cash back easily. According to Upside’s website, Upside is suitable for major gas stations such as Shell, BP, Exxon Mobil, etc. You can see gas prices near you at over 25,000 gas stations.

Save up to 25 ¢/gal when you buy gas with Upside. It also shows you the best gas station deals and cheapest gas stations. You can also get bonus cash-back offers on convenience store items and auto services (car wash, oil change, etc.).

There is no minimum withdrawal requirement for upside, and you can withdraw to your bank card or PayPal. However, if the withdrawal amount is less than $15, a transaction fee of $1 will be charged.

upside has a referral bonus, you earn a bonus when you refer a friend to use it, and you’ll always earn 1¢/gal for every purchase your friend makes.

For more upside guidance click here

GasBuddy – Best app for finding the cheapest gas


  • Find the Cheapest Gas

  • Get 25 ¢/gal off

  • Travel cost calculator


GasBuddy is an app that offers different gas station prices based on your location. According to GasBuddy’s website instructions. It doesn’t require uploading receipts or accumulating points to get gas discounts. When you sign up as a member, you automatically get a card that gives you up to 25 ¢/gal off. You also get the 75 ¢/gal discount with the subscription version ($9.99 per month).

You can try stacking with Upside App to get more cash back. Because GasBuddy uses the membership card to get the discount amount directly, but Upside App needs to upload the gas receipt to get the cashback. Try stacking different apps to save even more money.

GasBuddy has many more features;

  • Cash payment vs credit card payment
  • Comparison of prices at different gas stations
  • Price comparison in different periods
  • Travel cost calculator

BPme Rewards Program – save on gas instantly

Check to see if a gas station is participating in the BPme rewards program to get the 5 ¢/gal savings. All you need to do is choose a gas station that is part of the program to fill up, and you can save on every gallon in no time.

But I would prefer to use upside as my gas-saving app because upside saves me 25 ¢/gal.

Receipt Cashback APP

Ibotta -The best cashback APP for receipts


  • Wide range of products

  • Find deals easily

  • Fast cash back


Ibotta doesn’t give you cash back on gas purchases directly, but it does give you cash back on groceries you buy at the gas station like snacks, water, and more. Ibotta mainly earns cashback by uploading shopping receipts, but different grocery stores occasionally offer 100% cashback offers. This article will give you a better understanding of Ibotta.

If you are a loyal Walmart store user, Ibotta has a specific partnership agreement with Walmart. By linking your Walmart account, you will automatically get cash back. Here is the guide you want to know about.

Fetch Rewards -Easy to Get Your Receipt Cashback


  • Wide range of products

  • Find deals easily

  • Fast upload receipt

  • Ease of use

  • Fast redeem gift card


Fetch Rewards works with all major grocery retailers and uploads receipts very quickly. You need to scan receipts within 14 days of getting them and you can only scan 35 receipts within 7 days.

You can also link grocery retailer accounts to earn points for online shopping. Fetch Rewards supports teens over the age of 13, which means teens can earn pocket money.

Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog does not need to be purchased in a specific item or store to get cash back. But the amount received is uncertain and the reward amount is relatively small. But you can try scanning all receipts to see if you can get cashback. You need to be at least 18 years old to use Receipt Hog.

Indirect money-saving apps

While Upside and GasBuddy can already save you a lot of money on gas, it’s not a bad thing that you also know more indirect money-saving apps.

Waze-Find The Nearby Gas Station

Frequent drivers already know how to use Waze, and it’s an excellent navigation app. Waza can filter nearby gas stations, and select the gas station that suits you with comprehensive information such as price, distance, brand, etc.

Waze will also remind you of recently updated gasoline prices for comparison. But it’s worth noting that some gas stations that serve ads and are at the top of the list often don’t have the cheapest gas prices.

Google Maps – no app download required

Too many apps can be a real annoyance, but if you want to know the price of gas nearby, Google Maps is perfect for you.

Google Maps can search the distance and price of nearby gas stations for you, and you can compare whether there are discounts based on the historical price of gasoline you purchased in the past. The prices shown on Google Maps are not updated in real-time, which means you may be paying more for gas and not getting cash back.

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