EarnApp-Earn $150/Mo Passive Income (HOW TO DO)

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EarnApp is a passive income by sharing part of your internet broadband. But is it actually legal and real money-making? For those who have been pursuing passive income, I decided to do a real operation and study EarnApp. The following is the introduction and evaluation of EarnApp.

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What is EarnApp?

EarnApp is a program like HoneyGain, Peer2Profit andAlexamasterthat earns money by sharing part of your internet network. EarnApp can effectively utilize this bandwidth and traffic, and give certain cash rewards according to usage.

Using EarnApp will not affect the speed of the original Internet connection, but it may make the response of the running device slightly slower. Therefore, it is recommended to use idle devices to run EarnApp.

How does EarnApp make money?

There are two ways to earn money with EarnApp: sharing your unused internet bandwidth and referral program. If you are an individual user, it is recommended to download and use EarnApp directly. Two ways to make money will be discussed below.

#1 – Sharing as Used Internet Broadband

EarnApp is also very easy to use if you have used Honeygain before. EarnApp gets paid for every GB of data shared.

You only need to download the EarnApp of the corresponding device after registering as a member. EarnApp is available for Android, Windows, MacOS, Raspberry Pi, IOS, and Linux.


After successfully downloading, you only need to run EarnApp in the background, and you can start making money without any additional operations. It is worth noting that EarnApp shares your unused network bandwidth, so your Internet speed will change when you run EarnApp, but it will not affect your daily work and study.

If you are playing games or downloading other applications that need to use a lot of Internet bandwidth, the Internet speed changed by EarnApp will become obvious. At this time, you only need to suspend the operation of EarnApp and wait for free time to run it again.

Earning passive income from EarnApp is a very simple matter. If you have extra equipment that allows you to run similar programs, please install these 5 programs together to further expand your passive income.

#2 – Referral Program

EarnApp allows you to earn money by referring others. All you need to do is share your referral link. When someone signs up for EarnApp through your link, it will automatically become your referrer.

You can get a 10% commission from the referrer’s income, but the commission is paid by EarnApp and will not affect the referrer’s income.

The premise for you to get a referral commission is that the referrer must make money, so you need to encourage referrers to use EarnApp and teach them how to maximize their income.

But you can’t add referrers by cheating. Each recommender needs to run EarnApp under a different IP address. If you and your referrer use EarnApp under the same IP address, you will not be able to get benefits.


How much can I earn on EarnApp?

It depends on your method of earning money. If you use the referral program as the main way to make money, there will be no upper limit, it depends on the quantity and quality of your referrals; if you only want to use EarnApp by yourself, the income will depend on the number of your devices and the region.

EarnApp allows people from all over the world to use it, but the broadband sharing rate given is not exactly the same;

– USA: $0.36/GB for all app versions (upload only)

– Rest of the world: $0.24/GB for all app versions (upload only)

You can check your earnings anytime on the EarnApp dashboard. EarnApp does not distinguish the sharing rate of a country and region, which is different from Peer2Profit. That is to say, if you use EarnApp in the United States, the income in each region of the United States is the same.

It is worth noting that your income on EarnApp is not static. EarnApp will pay you based on the uploaded valid traffic. If you use EarnApp but fail to upload valid traffic that day, it is normal that you do not have any income on that day. All you need to do is to keep running EarnApp and check regularly whether it is working properly.

But I believe you still want to know how much EarnApp can earn. I will give an approximate income based on the comments on the Internet:

#A computer in the United States earns between $3 and $8 a day for the normal operation of EarnApp.

EarnApp’s rate in 2021 was as high as $2/GB. Although the current rate is down to $0.36/GB, it will still be higher than other similar programs ($0.1/GB for HoneyGain and PacketStream, $0.4/GB for Peer2Profit).

How to expand my income?

EarnApp’s income is mainly related to equipment, region, online time, and referral Program. If you want to expand your income, you can improve it from these factors. The following tips for maximizing your earnings;

  • Make sure your device is online as long as possible.
  • Make sure they are connected to your best connection (e.g. LAN is better than WiFi)
  • Prevents the device from going to sleep/hibernate. Turning off the monitor is of course no problem.
  • Having many devices online with different IPs increases the chances of earning more money
  • Invite friends and family to earn money from their earnings

But you can’t run EarnApp with multiple devices in the same IP, it doesn’t make sense. EarnApp does not accept traffic from the same IP address. So remember not to use the same IP address when you invite your family to increase your income.

What payment methods does EarnApp support?


You can redeem transaction fees through PayPal, Wise, and Amazon gift cards, each transaction is a little different, but you can set up automatic payments. EarnApp will automatically pay after you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold, realizing real passive income.

  • PayPal – EarnApp 2% fee ($2.50 minimum exchange)

EarnApp typically sends out PayPal payments daily from Sunday to Thursday, but it may take up to 7 business days to process the transaction. You can view the estimated date in the “Transactions” section of your account dashboard when you submit a redemption transaction.

  • Wise – Wise charges a flat fee of $0.39 per transaction ($2.50 minimum exchange)

EarnApp has the fastest processing speed for Wise payment, which generally takes 48 hours to process, including weekends.

  • Amazon Gift Cards – No Fee ($50 minimum redemption)

EarnApp processes Amazon Gift Cards weekly, but it may take up to 10 business days. Amazon gift cards need to accumulate more amount and the transaction time is longer, so I recommend using PayPal as the main transaction method.

Is EarnApp real and legit?

Whether EarnApp is authentic and legal is actually the issue we care most about. My own review may not be objective enough, so I searched for a lot of EarnApp reviews and real payment reviews on Google.

It can be found that the reviews of EarnApp can be paid in real terms, and you can learn more tips on how to maximize your income in the discussion forum.

The bad reviews of EarnApp are mainly due to the inability to upload valid traffic to earn income. This may be related to your device and region. So you need to test whether your region can earn passive income on EarnApp.

So is EarnApp worth using?

If you’re looking for an easy way to earn some extra cash, I’d say EarnApp is a great option. Even though it doesn’t pay very well, it’s still a great option because you don’t really have to put in any effort to make money.

But any software installed on your computer has risks, and you must be vigilant to prevent your computer from being attacked. According to EarnApp’s revenue principle, it earns revenue by monitoring the traffic on the computer side. In the world of cybersecurity, this is a huge risk.

Therefore, I would be more inclined to recommend that you install and use EarnApp on a device without anything. Even an idle device should be checked for any important files idle.

Whether it’s something like EarnApp or Honeygain, I use it with devices that don’t have anything. After all, I don’t want to risk it just to make a few bucks.


If you need a passive income method that requires no experience, no skills, and no education, then EarnApp is for you. But you can’t expect much from EarnApp, which may only bring you a few meals. In addition, there are more programs similar to EarnApp that you can consider using together to expand passive income.

However, the passive income that this type of program can bring you is relatively low. If you want to obtain greater passive income, you may wish to consider the following methods;

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>Neighbor Earn Passive Income | Rent Out Your Unused Space!

How to join EarnApp?

If you want to join, it only takes a few minutes to get started.

Just click the button below and follow the signed steps described here, and you can start earning more or less immediately.


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