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What is Surf

Today I recommend a small wool tool: Surf. To put it simply, it is a browser plug-in that collects some data that you usually surf the Internet (excluding sensitive data, you can choose to delete it, etc.), and then reward points, which can be exchanged for various gift cards.

We have shared similar tools before: SurveySavvy, UpVoice, etc. All of them do not need to do anything after installation, just lay and earn. If you have concerns about data privacy, you can consider installing it into a Chrome account that is not commonly used (Chrome supports switching between different accounts).

According to the official instructions, Surf will not collect any sensitive information, only including Internet URL records, and all collected information can be viewed by yourself in the “Activity History”.

Sign up bonus

Now Surf has a very good sign-up bonus, you need to join through the invite link, when the points reach 750, you can get 2000 points (can be exchanged for a $10 gift card). In fact, after registering an account and completing simple steps, you can get 690 points, and it will take less than a day to save 750~ Click here or the button below to join:

Registration does not require any sensitive information, you can just fill it in. After registration, you can download the Chrome plug-in. After installation, spend a minute to go through the tutorial instructions and visit any URL to get a total of 690 points as an initial reward:



How to earn points

There are three ways to accumulate points in Surf:


  1. Normal Internet access without any intervention;
  2. invite friends;
  3. System gift.


Regarding the first point, according to the official instructions, Surf will not collect any sensitive information, including only Internet URL records. Surf will desensitize our browsing data, and there will be no security issues. It also gives us the option to delete any unwanted data from the past 24 hours. Entering the Activity History in the background, you can see all the recorded data and delete the data that you do not want to share:


In addition, you can also earn points by inviting friends, and for each invitation, both parties can get 2000 points (equivalent to $10). And there are additional rewards for inviting a certain number of people (seems to be time-limited, I haven’t seen it before).

In addition, the official said that the system will also give away points through some activities from time to time. The author has just registered and has not encountered it yet.

Offer function


Surf has recently added an Offer function, click on the menu bar “Offer” to enter, there are some merchants’ discount information, etc.

Plus, with Surf’s browser add-on, Surf will alert you when you visit a website with an offer, so you don’t miss any money-saving opportunities. For example, Surf’s reminder when visiting Sephora:

Redeem gift cards

Surf points are worth 2000 points = $10 and can be redeemed for gift cards at many different merchants:


It is recommended to create a separate account in Chrome, then install Surf, browse some less sensitive information from time to time, and you can earn every month. Similar tools like SurveySavvy, UpVoice, etc. can be installed at the same time.
If you are also interested, welcome to join through our invite link, when you reach 750 points, you can get 2000 points (can be redeemed for a $10 gift card). In fact, after registering an account and completing simple steps, you can get 690 points, and it will take less than a day to save 750~ Click here or the button below to join:

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