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Drop is a new type of app that automatically earns cashback after spending with a credit card. In addition to this, it also provides a variety of other ways to earn points.


Drop’s target users are mainly young people. The founder, Derrick Fung, found an interesting phenomenon that year. Today’s young people’s consumption outlook is not the same as before. They are more willing to pay for “lifestyle”, such as buying a cup of coffee, organic food, Uber and so on. They are not as brand dependent as others and are all willing to try new products and brands.

The data shows that they still want to get some rewards in shopping, 71% of young people say that they participate in at least one membership program that can get rewards, 40% are willing to get rewards by playing games, and 75% are willing to share their shopping data to get it Personalized recommendations. In this case, Drop was born to meet the shopping needs of young people in various ways.

Sign up bonus

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The main function

Now Drop mainly supports the following cashback and points methods:


  • Shopping (multiple merchants are supported, some need to be entered through the link, and some can be consumed directly through the linked credit card)
  • Flash Deals (special offers from specific merchants, such as Amazon spend $10 + 1000 bonus points)
  • play games
  • Take the questionnaire (all are very simple questionnaires)


Note: As you may have heard, Drop used to allow you to select 5 fixed brands (Power offers) that earned you points for whatever you bought. But now the Power Offers are gone, replaced by the Flash Deals.

Below is the main flow of using Drop.

Sign up and add a credit card

First register an account and enter your credit card information. If there is a merchant that meets the Drop cashback for consumption, the points will be automatically added to your Drop account. You don’t even need to open Drop during the consumption process. It is completely automatic in the background. Multiple cards can be added to Drop, and the consumption of each card can be tracked.

For this type of application, many people may consider security issues because they have to link their own credit cards. Although there are many such applications on the market, their backends are basically only a few companies, such as Empyr and Plaid, and many credit card companies are also using them. There are many familiar apps that use Empyr: Acorns, Swagbucks, Yelp, Dosh, RetailMeNot and Coupons.com, etc. Plaid also has Pei, Spent and other apps. Your credit card information is not stored in these separate apps, all data is provided by these backend companies, so you can use drop very safely.

Cash back on shopping

There are two ways:

  1. Enter the corresponding merchant through the cashback link, and complete the consumption with the bound credit card, you can get cashback;
  2. You don’t need to go through the link, you can directly use the bound credit card to spend, you can get cash back.


There are many merchants supported, and there will also be merchants with special discounts. The cashback is very strong. For example, Apple sometimes provides cashbacks as high as 75 points/USD, which is equivalent to a 7.5% cashback rate!


Flash Deals

This is for some specific merchants, there will be some special rewards, such as Amazon shown in the figure below, you can get 1000 points by spending $10+ with the bound credit card:
other points
You can also earn points by playing games and taking surveys in Drop. These are simple little tasks that you can do in your spare time.

How to withdraw

The withdrawal method of Drop supports a variety of Gift Cards including Amazon. The exchange rate is 1000 points = $1.
The picture below is a set of Dollar Shave Club I spent $5 to try, and Drop returned 50,000 points, which is worth $50. I redeemed a $50 Amazon gift card.

Registration link

Click to enter Drop’s official website and download the Drop App.

Invitation code: wpuu7

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