Don’t throw away receipts! 4 Apps That Let You Get Cash Back for Free

Dont throw away receipts 4 Apps That Let You Get Cash Back for Free 2 1

Do you think the only value of a receipt is those little coupons printed on the bottom of the receipt? Then I tell you the receipt is more valuable than you think! why? Because the receipt can get cash back through other methods!

With very little time and effort, you can scan receipts with your smartphone and earn a ton of money easily and for free. That’s why I consciously keep my receipts when I go out shopping. Because I will get rewards from it and make me happier buying.

The receipt app is very easy to use, you just need to register for free and scan the receipt to exchange for points or cash. Not sure which apps support cashback? Then you need to read the following content carefully. let’s start!

Why does the app pay cash back for your receipts?

This should be the question of most people. To be honest I had this question before I started using the receipt app. So I did a lot of research and came to a conclusion: it’s all about marketing. Do not understand? I will briefly explain it below.

Through the receipt application, consumers can collect consumer behavior habits, such as favorite products, consumption time, consumption amount, consumer stores, and other data. The essence is to study marketing. After understanding consumers’ consumption, merchants can optimize their operation models to create higher profits.

The above behaviors all require paid surveys, but the form has changed. Merchants partner with a receipt app to send paid amounts directly to consumers in the form of cashback.

Does the above explanation help you understand why you are getting cash back? Which receipt apps are recommended? Read on!

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4 apps to pay for your grocery receipts

I know you don’t want too many apps taking up space on your phone, so I’ve chosen apps with high overall ratings to recommend. Even using one app can save you a lot of money.


Ibotta is probably the most popular receipt cashback app on the market, not only because of its simplicity but also because it supports cashback from so many merchants.

You can use Ibotta to bind merchants to automatically get cashback on shopping. For example, with the cooperation between Walmart and Ibotta, you can automatically get cashback after purchasing at Walmart, which is convenient!

It has a nice referral program through which you can earn some extra money. You can also add browser extensions to use Ibotta on your computer.

To avoid overspending, you can check Ibotta’s discounted items of the day and plan your purchases before you shop

Sometimes free products appear.


  • Wide range of products

  • Find deals easily

  • Fast cash back

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  • /

  • /


  • Offer cannot be applied after purchase

  • Account Maintenance Fee-$3.99 will be deducted if not used for 180 days

Fetch Rewards

Fetch Rewards works with all major grocery retailers and uploads receipts very quickly. You need to scan receipts within 14 days of getting them and you can only scan 35 receipts within 7 days.

You can also link grocery retailer accounts to earn points for online shopping. Fetch Rewards supports teens over the age of 13, which means teens can earn pocket money.


  • Wide range of products

  • Find deals easily

  • Fast upload receipt

  • Ease of use

  • Fast redeem gift card


Receipt Hog

Receipt Hog does not need to be purchased in a specific item or store to get cash back. But the amount received is uncertain and the reward amount is relatively small. But you can try scanning all receipts to see if you can get cashback. You need to be at least 18 years old to use Receipt Hog.


  • Fun and convenient

  • Support for multiple merchants


  • Low reward

  • Interface stuck

  • Hard to withdraw

Checkout 51

If you prefer to shop online you can choose Checkout 51 as your primary receipt cashback app. All you need to do is take a photo of the packing list to get your cash back. More importantly, Checkout 51 will update this week’s discounted products every Thursday, allowing you to make purchase plans in advance. I like this feature!


  • There is a raffle

  • Certain offers can be claimed multiple times

  • New List ItemCan link your membership card


  • Limited payment options

  • Add an offer to earn cashback

  • Upload receipts by the weekly deadline

Use more shopping tips to maximize your rewards

While receipt apps are a convenient way to save money on shopping, go ahead and learn more tips to maximize your rewards:

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1. Subscribe to the blog about saving money

I’m sure a lot of people don’t have much time to search the web for the day’s activities at different grocery stores and miss out on a lot of deals. Then I can suggest that you google for blogs with the main topic of saving and making money and subscribe, you can be notified and participate in the time when the offer is first discovered.

My blog is updated with free items and limited-time events at major grocery retailers, and most deals end very quickly. The timeliness of the message is really important.

2. Don’t wait to scan your receipt

Please don’t hesitate to use the app to get your cashback as soon as you receive your receipt, because I believe most of you are prone to losing your receipt or getting stained. This will cause the application to fail to successfully read the data and lose the reward.

I suggest that you can prevent losing your rewards by preferring an app that supports automatic cashback at your bundled grocery retail store.

3. Use a grocery store loyalty card

For example, Amazon prime members, Costco, Walmart, etc. all have unique membership cashback terms. Although the discounts vary, they are still discounts. I believe it will also help you save a lot of money over time.

But using a grocery store membership requires a paid subscription, and you can get a rough estimate of whether a paid subscription is appropriate based on the amount you save at the grocery store. Oh! Some tricks allow you to save money on subscriptions.

4. Plan shopping

Don’t forget to make a shopping list before shopping. According to statistics, setting up a shopping list will save 5-10% overall compared to random purchases. The fundamental reason is to only buy just-needed products. At the same time, you can superimpose the maximum discount by querying different applications or credit card activities.
I know this method will be more complicated but it is the best money-saving trick.

5. Superimposed rebate

The app above mainly uses post-shopping receipts for cash back, but we can get grocery store rebates before buying: use rebate sites. The following are some of the more common rebate sites:

Why limit yourself to one cashback app when you can redeem more rewards? Please actively use to double (or triple!) your earnings. Because it is free and easy to operate.


No more throwing away your receipts! Because the receipt can be exchanged for cash. You can join the Receipt app completely free and spend a small amount of time in exchange for cash. This is a great money-saving trick.

If you just need one app, I highly recommend Ibotta, the mainstream receipt app. But I suggest you can download 2-3 more apps because they can stack with cashback. That is to say, one receipt can get more income.

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