Confused About Amazon Music Unlimited? Contrast Answered

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Are many people still unaware of the difference between Amazon Music Unlimited and Amazon prime music? One of the biggest differences is that Amazon Music Unlimited is an ad-free premium music service. Imagine you’re listening to music immersing, and suddenly a very emotional commercial plays. I really can’t imagine how bad this is.

So what is Amazon Music Unlimited? How much does Amazon Music Unlimited cost? Will there be a cheaper way to subscribe? Let’s find out more.

| The article concludes with a summary of how to buy Amazon Music Unlimited for the best deal.

What is Amazon Music Unlimited?

Amazon Music Unlimited is a premium music subscription service with 100 million songs in HD and millions in Ultra HD. You can listen to podcasts from over 70,000 shows, including the hottest and most personalized podcasts. If you’re someone who’s after music quality, Amazon Music Unlimited offers SD, HD, UHD, and spatial audio for sure.

Want offline play and unlimited skips? Amazon Music Unlimited satisfies.

Amazon Music Unlimited does not include audiobooks and has a service called Audible.

| Get four months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

| Start your 30-day free trial of Audible

What are the subscription plans and prices for Amazon Music Unlimited?

Before that, let’s understand the three Amazon Music subscription methods: Amazon Music Free/Amazon Music Prime/Amazon Music Unlimited.

  • Amazon Music Free is a service that can be used for free without a subscription to Amazon Prime;
  • Amazon Music Prime is a benefit that Amazon offers to Prime members. You can use Amazon Music Prime for free if you subscribe to a monthly/annual prime membership.
  • Amazon Music Unlimited is a separate music library service content. Whether you are an Amazon Prime member or not has nothing to do with subscribing to Amazon Music Unlimited, you need to pay additional fees to enjoy the service content.

Here are the prices for the different plans of Amazon Music Unlimited

Is there an Amazon Music Unlimited free trial?

Usually Amazon Music Unlimited is a 30-day free trial, and now Amazon has extended the trial period to promote Amazon Music Unlimited. New users without prime qualification can use Amazon Music Unlimited for 3 months for free. The subscription fee is $9.99 per month after the free trial period. You can unsubscribe at any time.

If you’re already a Prime member but haven’t used Amazon Music Unlimited, you can get a 4-month free trial. Remember to unsubscribe when you don’t need it.

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What is the Amazon Music Single Device Plan?

The Amazon Music Single Device Plan is to link your echo device to the Amazon Music Unlimited service. But you can only bundle Amazon Music Unlimited with one echo device. If you just want to listen to music at home and don’t want to pay too much for your music bill every month, this plan is for you. 

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What is the Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan?

One of the best features of Amazon Music Unlimited is the family plan! I can share an Amazon Music Unlimited account with my family to listen to high-quality music! I no longer have to worry about the low quality music and a low subscription fee!

Amazon Music Unlimited Personal Plan subscription for $9.99 per month – for one person

Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan subscription for $15.99 per month – up to 6 people (13+ required)

Paid by one family member’s Amazon account, the remaining 5 family members can use Amazon Music Unlimited independently for free. (Have your own Amazon account.)

The Amazon Music Unlimited feature is also available on the family plan.

| Start a 3-month Amazon Music Unlimited Family Plan free trial

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Is Amazon Music free on Prime?

Yes. Amazon Music is free and does not require an Amazon Prime membership. But the number of song libraries you listen to is relatively small, and only one account can be bound to one device. Receive sudden ad insertions while listening to music. But it’s free to use after all. If you listen to music occasionally, you can choose free Amazon Music.

Does Prime include Amazon Music Unlimited pricing?

Prime only includes the price of Amazon Music Prime, and Amazon Music Unlimited is an additional charge. But if you’re not looking for exceptionally high-quality music, you don’t need to subscribe to Amazon Music Unlimited, Amazon Music Prime is enough for everyday use.

What’s the difference between Amazon Music subscriptions?

Maybe you are still confused, why are there so many types of Amazon Music subscriptions? Which music subscription should I use? Listed below are the different subscription plans that apply to different situations.

Here is a detailed comparison on Amazon.


Amazon Music Free

Amazon Music Prime

Amazon Music Unlimited

Amazon Prime Membership Needed








HD/Ultra HD/

Spatial Audio




Ad-free, Unlimited Plays




Podcasts/Live Feature





Junior Musician - Occasional music listening

Intermediate Musician - Often music listening

Advanced Musician - Frequent music listening

Personal Trial Period


Student Trial Period


Available Titles

* Discover new music and podcasts based on your likes;

* Curated playlists on demand for Android and iOS;

* Thousands of Stations and top playlists;

* Millions of podcast episodes

* All the music ad-free;

* The most ad-free top podcasts;

* All-Access Playlists – pick and play any song on-demand, with no skip limits, or download them to listen offline;

* Shuffle play any artist, album, or playlist

* Pick and play any song, ad-free;

* The most ad-free top podcasts;

*Personalized Stations and thousands of playlists;

* SD, HD, Ultra HD, and Spatial Audio;

*Listen offline;

*Unlimited skips

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