Cash Back: 5 Browser Extension Reviews For 2022

Do you still traditionally cut coupons from newspapers to use? Or do you still need to download a barcode scanning app to get coupons? This is not the way to get coupons in 2022.

As a smart consumer, you should know how to make good use of the application to save you more money. Did you know that the average household spends at least $61,334 per year on shopping? If you use the cash back app very frequently, you can save $6000 per year by pressing 1% cash back. Of course, in many cases, the rebate commission is often higher than 1%, and there is even a 100% cash back discount.

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TopCashback is a website that offers you a percentage back on your purchases at specific retailers once your purchase is confirmed. Retailers pay TopCashback a commission to direct you to their website.

Cash Back 5 Browser Extension Reviews For 2022


1. High cash back rate: Through comparison, it is found that the cashback rate of topcashback is relatively high, and there will be 100% cashback discounts from time to time.

2. Easy to withdraw: There is no minimum withdrawal amount requirement for topcashback, which means that the account can be withdrawn with 1 USD.

3. Fast cashback: topcashback can be received within a few hours waiting for cashback.

4. Support multiple payment methods: Including PayPal, ACH, gift card, and visa.

5. High compatibility: TopCashback only Chrome, Firefox, Edge browser extension


1.  Low sign-up bonus: TopCashback sign-up bonus is only $10

2.  Offer expires soon: Some discounts with a high gold return rate will expire quickly. When you see the discount information, and then enter the website, the discount may have expired.



Rakuten Rewards, formerly known as Ebates, is a cashback and shopping rewards company. It is famous for cashback because it has more than 70 affiliated malls and 1.6 million users.

5 Steps To Find Rakuten Missing Cashback 2022 1


1. Browser Extensions: Rakuten’s website runs smoothly and is mobile-friendly, complemented by an impressive browser extension (Rakuten cashback button). It is compatible with Chrome.

2. Experience friendly: Rakuten has a friendly web interface and customer service team. Any questions can be easily answered by the customer service team.

3. Registration Rewards: The current sign-up bonus is $20, which needs to be returned after spending $20 through Rakuten within 90 days

4. Long discount time: Merchants that cooperate with Rakuten cover a large number of categories and coupons, and the discount time is relatively long. Some retailers prefer to use Rakuten to clear their inventory, so there are occasional big discounts on Rakuten.


1. Long withdrawal time: Rakuten is cash back every quarter. You can get paid up to four times a year, no matter how much you shop or earn. This should be the biggest disadvantage.

2. Few payment methods: Rakuten can only pay by mailed check and PayPal and does not accept gift cards or virtual currency payments.

3. No “Top Pay” Guarantee: There is no “highest payout” guarantee on Rakuten, which means that deals from partner merchants aren’t the best deals on Rakuten.



RebatesMe is a shopping cashback website with more than 3,000 partner merchants. Like Rakuten, TopCashBack, etc., it is a first-line big-name cashback website.

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1. Number of retail partners: RebatesMe works with over 3,000 online shopping sites. Its partners span multiple categories such as apparel, electronics, health, sporting goods, and travel. They include top retailers like Macy’s, Sephora, and Overstock. Sign up bonus up to $30.

2. Reward amount: The previous registration bonus was $10. To expand the number of users, the registration bonus is now raised to $30. But it may be a limited-time event.

3. High cash back rate: Like topcashback, it has the advantage of a high cashback rate. Usually, the cashback rate is 3%-12%, but there are merchants with a cashback rate as high as 40%. It depends on which merchant you buy from.

4. Profit speed: Usually, you can make a withdrawal application when you have $10 in your account.

5. Payment options: You can choose from a prepaid credit card, gift card, PayPal, or check. Payments arrive in two days via PayPal and a week via card but can take up to 30 days via check.


1. Maintenance fee: If you don’t earn any cashback for a year, RebatesMe starts to deduct a $1.99 monthly maintenance fee from your account. This continues until you reactivate your account by earning more rebates or your rewards disappear.

2. Failure performance: Order tracking fails even if the browser extension is installed. Although it is possible to request to find the lost order, it is more troublesome.

3. Only the Google Chrome extension: RebatesMe Cash Back Button cannot be installed if you are using Firefox as your primary browser. It can only be installed on Google Chrome.



Honey is a browser extension that automatically finds valid coupons. It will automatically add valid coupons when the order is settled, saving you money little by little like a bee.



1. Strong compatibility: Honey is available on the following web browsers: Google Chrome, Firefox, Opera, Microsoft Edge, Safari

2. Fully automatic: Honey will automatically find valid coupons and use them at checkout. The user does not need to do anything other than activate Honey.

3. International support: Honey works with online stores in multiple countries and offers gift card rewards for over a dozen countries.


1. Few payment methods: Cash payment is not accepted and can only be exchanged for gift cards.

2. Frequent pop-ups: As long as you re-enter the purchase page, a pop-up reminder will appear, which cannot be canceled.

3. Interfering with other cashback browser extensions: Installing Honey may disable other cashback browser extensions such as Rakuten. At this time, the user needs to manually click on Rakuten to activate the cashback.



Slickdeals is a browser extension that automatically finds valid coupons. It is better than honey in that there will be discounts of different merchants on the day in the browser extension, and you can directly choose to buy them.

Cash Back 5 Browser Extension Reviews For 2022 3


1. Provide valid coupons: slickdeals not only provide valid coupons but also can withdraw products (including coupons) with great discounts on different websites.

2. Discount reminder: slickdeals can set discount reminders for different merchants, and send them through subscription emails so that you can get the latest discounts in time.

3. Support many categories: At present, slickdeals covers most of the categories of products and has more than 3000+ cooperative merchants.

4. Support cash back: slickdeals also supports cash back, which can be superimposed on offers. This is a new feature, but the cashback rate may not be as high as topashback.


1. No signup bonus: There are no rewards for either new or inviting users, which means you can’t earn cash by inviting users.

2. No pop-up cashback reminder: Because it is not the main cashback function, cashback cannot be activated by the pop-up window for the time being



If you frequently use your computer for online shopping, it is highly recommended that you use the Cashback browser extension. If you feel that the 5 browser extensions are very memory-intensive, then you can choose to use rebatesme/topcashback+honey, one is cashback, and the other is to find valid coupons.

If you actively use the cash back, you will save at least $600 a year, which is equivalent to passive income. I believe you are smart enough to take action now.

Many or all of the products featured here come from our partners who compensate us. However, this does not affect our assessment, which is fair and impartial.

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