Can Privacy Virtual Credit Cards Really Protect Your Privacy?

What is a virtual credit card?

Virtual Credit Cards (VCC) are available for all online shoppers. Some companies call it a prepaid card, but they mean the same thing.
The number of this card is randomly generated by the system according to certain rules and then linked to your main credit card account. You can close your virtual credit card without closing your main account.

Therefore, we can think of a virtual credit card as a one-off version of a real credit card.
However, you won’t be able to get credit card rebates on purchases or improve your credit score. Although some online stores do not accept payments via VCC or are slow to transact with VCC. But in reality, these virtual credit cards serve multiple purposes.

Why you need a virtual credit card?

1. Most online stores accept payments via VCC
As virtual credit cards become more popular, merchants have come to trust such products. Although depending on the specific site you shop from, VCC may sometimes be banned. But many trusted companies even offer their VCCs and encourage customers to use them.

2. Payment with VCC is more secure than a physical card
This is one of the main reasons we like to use VCC the most. A virtual credit card is just a random string of numbers that prevents your bank account data from being shared by online merchants.

Traditionally, sellers have access to your billing address, name, credit card number, security code, etc., which they would not have been able to access if using VCC, which effectively prevents identity and credit card theft.

3. Fewer usage restrictions than regular credit cards
Every credit card you can use (including VCC) has time and payment limitations, but virtual credit cards offer more freedom.

When you want to spend on a site, VCC can help by setting spending limits, which is useful if you want to avoid overspending. This is very important for us to make an offer. Many people get paid for forgetting to cancel their subscription, and using a virtual credit card can avoid that.

What is Privacy?

Privacy is a service that provides virtual credit card number generation for free. Using virtual card numbers allows you to avoid using your real information (including name, card number, address, etc.) when spending online, making it safe and anonymous.

Compared with similar services provided by some banks, Privacy has the following advantages:

  • Supports the generation of two types of virtual cards: one-time card number and consumption limit card number (see details later);
  • The generated card number can use any name, Billing address, phone number, etc. when consuming, to avoid exposing your real information;
  • The virtual card numbers generated by Privacy are all Visa payment networks;
  • The generated card number can be selected to close, suspend, edit, etc., and change the available amount and restriction method at any time.

Sign up bonus

Register now at and get a $5 Credit, which can be used automatically when you spend at any merchant.

Get Your Sign Up Bonus

  1. You can use the rewarded $5 to buy an Amazon gift card;
  2. Click here to enter the recharge page of Amazon GC;
  3. Manually fill in $5 in the Amount section below (as shown in the red box below);
  4. Go to Privacy to generate a card;
  5. Add it on the above page, and place an order.


How to use privacy?

After registration, log in to the account to see that there is already a default virtual card number generated for us in My Wallet.

  • Verify personal identity first, including address, phone number, name, and other information. Fill in the real information here.
  • After verification, you can add a bank card or Debit card account.

After connecting, you can automatically get a $5 registration bonus (privacy credit), and the first card will be automatically generated at the same time.

We can click “New Card” to generate a new virtual card. After clicking, fill in an easy-to-remember name, and you can set consumption restrictions on the card. There are mainly two ways:

1. Various amount limit methods
You can set the limit method for this amount of this card:
The amount can be set separately for fixed consumption, and the transaction will be automatically rejected if the fixed amount is exceeded.
This method is mainly aimed at the situation where a virtual card number is to be used multiple times.

2. Single consumption limit – one-time use

This situation is mainly used for the following situations

  • online shopping
  • service trial
  • Do not trust shopping sites
  • Disclosure of personal information, etc.

The generated card number can be given a limit on the consumption amount, and then the card number will be automatically invalid after it is used this time and cannot be used again.
Click the “Single-use” switch in the lower left corner.

The virtual credit card number does not need to use the real name, Billing address, telephone, and other information when using it, and it is completely anonymous and safe.

What about the amount returned?

Don’t worry at all, even if you use a one-time virtual card number, the Refund generated by the return will be returned to the Funding Source corresponding to your card.

Sharing for other purposes

  1. Subscription activities: Some websites can subscribe to give extra rewards, such as some reward activities in Swagbucks, but some websites are very troublesome to unsubscribe, you can use this kind of one-time card, swipe, and leave, and save cancellation;
  2. Placing multiple orders: Some websites are limited to a singular number when there are activities, usually using the Billing Address to verify, you can evade the billing check by this method;
  3. Small website consumption: Sometimes you have to spend on some small websites, you can reduce the risk of credit card theft and personal information leakage through this virtual card


In short, Privacy provides us with a lot of security for credit card consumption:

  • Reduce the risk of credit card fraud;
  • Reduce the risk of personal information being leaked online;
  • Help track various subscription consumption and prevent malicious deduction;

If others need to use your credit card for consumption, you can generate a fixed limit or a one-time virtual card number for others to use to avoid information leakage or misuse;
Compared with the virtual credit card number provided by some banks, it is more powerful and more secure.

Finally, if you register, register through our invitation link and you can immediately get a $5 registration bonus, which is available at any time (you can go to Amazon to buy a $5 GC, see the introduction above for the detailed steps).

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