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Today I would like to introduce the cashback website BeFrugal. You may have questions, since there are already so many cashback sites, why introduce BeFrugal?

In fact, the characteristics of each cashback website are different. BeFrugal has a bright service called BCG (Best Cashback Guarantees or Best Coupon Guarantees). In short, if you find another cashback website when shopping, the cashback rate is higher than that of BeFrugal. Then BeFrugal will give you the highest match back rate and 125% of the final cash back amount. It can be said that there is no need to compare the cashback rates of various cashback networks when shopping, just use BeFrugal directly. Please see below for details.


Update 07/11/2022: The sign-up bonus is still $10, but the referral bonus has been increased to $40 (was $10 before). You can refer your family members or friends to get referral rewards.

What is shopping reward?

Usually our online shopping is the following process:

Go to website -> find product -> add to cart -> checkout

The discounts we can get in this process are only provided by the merchants. As everyone knows, there is such a way that you can get additional discounts on this process, and that is to use a rebate website. In this way, the new shopping flow becomes:

Enter the rebate network -> enter the merchant website -> find the product -> add to the shopping cart -> checkout

Then the rebate network will track the amount of your shopping this time, and tell you that part of the shopping amount will be returned to you. For example, for a $100 product, if the cashback is 15%, the cashback network will return $15 to your account, which is equivalent to $85 for the purchase of the product.

Then many people will wonder, how can such a rebate network make money? Is it giving us money for nothing? Of course not, this involves the affiliation between the rebate network and the merchant. Usually, if you enter the corresponding merchant to shop through the rebate network, the merchant will also return the corresponding amount to the rebate network, and the rebate network will take part of it out to the user to achieve a win-win situation. Taking the above example as an example, the merchant may give 20% cashback (that is, $20) to the cashback network, and the cashback network will give you $15 of it and keep $5 for yourself, which is your own profit.

This is a win-win partnership.

  • For merchants, it can increase sales and increase popularity;
  • For the rebate network, it can be profitable;
  • For users, items can be bought at cheaper prices.

Sign up bonus

Sign up for BeFrugal via the invite link and get a $10 sign up bonus ($10 cash back). Click here or the button below to register:



What is BeFrugal? how to use?

BeFrugal is a cashback website founded in 2009. It not only has high reliability and a large number of merchants (5000+), but also provides a maximum cashback rate of 40%. It provides a summary of coupons and offers from merchants with complete information. Sign up via our invite link and get a $10 sign up bonus.

How to use BeFrugal is very simple, if you have used other cashback sites, you can get started quickly. If not, let’s take Sephora as an example to explain the usage steps.

First, as shown in the figure below, it is divided into three steps:

  1. Find a business on BeFrugal;
  2. Enter the merchant to shop, check out, and shop as usual;
  3. Get cashback to your BeFrugal account;

If you are going to shop on Sephora, first go to the official BeFrugal website (if you don’t have a BeFrugal account yet, register with our invitation link, you can get a $10 registration bonus), search for Sephora in the top search bar, as shown below:

Then click the result in the pop-up list to enter the following page:

On the above page, you can see the current cashback rate on the left, and a summary of various coupons and discount codes available to merchants on the right.

When you are ready to shop, click the “ShopNow” button on the left, or the “ShopNow” button of any discount on the right, the page will display the following information, which means that BeFrugal has started to record your shopping record, and your account information is displayed below. Every time you click on a merchant, there will be a Click ID. You can go to the “Shopping Trips” page of your BeFrugal account page to view all your click records for later review.

After about 2-3 seconds, you will enter the official Sephora page. Then just go shopping as normal. After a period of time after shopping, you can see the corresponding cashback in BeFrugal.

Feature 1: BCG, offers 125% maximum cashback rate

The biggest feature of BeFrugal is that they will match the one with the highest cashback rate among all the cashback sites, and then return you 125% of the highest cashback rate. In my opinion, they dare to provide such a guarantee, which shows that they are trying their best to provide the highest cashback rate on the entire network. However, the cashback rates of various sites change rapidly, and if they are not tracked in time, we still have a chance to get the highest cashback rate plus a 25% bonus.

In addition, they also offer Best Coupon Guarantees, if you find a stronger coupon than the ones listed on their website, submit a claim within 24 hours and they will still match and reward you with $5.

If you want to use BCG, you must first make sure that the merchant’s cashback page has the following logo below the left column (don’t worry too much, most mainstream merchants basically have it):

After shopping, submit the following materials here within 24 hours:

  • order receipt
  • the shop’s name
  • The link to the page where you found the cashback site with the highest cashback rate
  • Highest cashback rate

The same is true for the coupon submission method, which can be submitted within 24 hours.

Feature 2: fast customer service, online chat available

Other cashback sites provide online forms or email contact, but BeFrugal provides online chat, which can directly communicate with customer service in real time, ensuring the efficiency of communication.

Withdrawal method

BeFrugal supports cash withdrawals and gift card withdrawals. For cash, you can choose Check, Direct Deposit or PayPal (as shown below). You can see that the minimum threshold for check withdrawal is $25, but the minimum threshold for Direct Deposit and PayPal is $0.01.

There are also many merchants who can withdraw gift cards, mainly including:

  • Visa Prepaid(2% bonus)
  • Amazon(1% bonus)
  • Walmart(1% bonus)
  • Ebay(3% bonus)
  • Sephora, CVS, Kohl’s, Bed Bath & Beyond, etc., with different levels of bonus

Chrome browser plug-in, automatic prompt cashback

If you use the Chrome browser, you can add BeFrugal’s plugin. In this way, if you browse to a merchant with cashback, the browser will remind you how much cashback the merchant has, whether there are coupons available, etc., click to activate the cashback directly. This makes it easier to get coupons or rebate commissions.

Sign up bonus $10

If you are also interested, welcome to register BeFrugal through the invitation link to get a $10 registration bonus (you can get it when the cashback amount reaches $10). Click here or the button below to register:

Recommended by similar platforms

We have recommended and introduced many cashback websites, each with its own characteristics and different registration rewards. Here is a summary for your reference and comparison:

Each cashback network has its own characteristics, and the cashback rates for the same merchant are different, so it is recommended to register for all of them, compare them before shopping, and use whichever has the highest cashback rate.

Website Sign up bonus Registration Link Feedback Recommended
Fetch $2 Click here Easier to have free offer,code “P7Y51A” ★★★
Rakuten $30 Click here The most reliable, good customer service ★★★★★
TopCashback  $15-$25 Click here The cashback rate is almost the highest in the entire network ★★★★★
RebatesMe $35 Click here Great reward,code “MONEYFREE” ★★★
Ibotta $10 Click here Support multiple merchants, easy to operate ★★★★
fluz 35% cashback coupons Click here Support multi-platform rebates, the rebate performance is average ★★

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