Peer2Profit Reviews- How To Earn Passive Income?

Peer2Profit Reviews How To Earn Passive Income 3

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Are you trying to find a simple way to make some extra money? According to a website called Peer2Profit, you may make money by sharing your unused internet connection.

But is Peer2Profit legal and a secure way to make money, or is it a scam that should be avoided? After reading this article, you can better understand whether peer2Profit is suitable for you.

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What is Peer2Profit

Peer2Profit Reviews How To Earn Passive Income 1

Peer2Profit (referred to as p2pr for short) is a platform that can use your idle network bandwidth to make money. It supports almost all platforms including Windows, MacOS, Linux, iOS, Android, etc. The network we usually use does not actually use up all the traffic and bandwidth.

Peer2Profit can help us make good use of this part of resources and give us certain rewards based on traffic. Once you have PeerProfit set up on your device, you can start earning. It will automatically allocate and count traffic, making it easy to make money at home.

Peer2Profit collaborates with a wide range of banks, social networking sites, online businesses, and more. Since every company on board has to sign an agreement to handle your data legally, they only work with people who have been completely validated. This makes it extremely safe to use.

How to earn at Peer2Profit?

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Software/App Installation

The main way to make money from Peer2Profit is to download and install their software and run it.
After entering the dashboard, you will see the “Download/Install” link, select the model you match, and download it.

After a successful download, you can start to run the software. All you do is keep an eye on the software every day to see if it’s working properly.

If you are installing Peer2Profit on a mobile device, please remember to charge the mobile device in time. Because Peer2Profit is actually running an app, it will drain your phone’s battery faster.

Therefore, I would prefer to use a computer or VPS to run Peer2Profit. Later I will discuss how much Peer2Profit will earn and what kind of system it is suitable for.

Referral program

If you are an influencer, you can be active in Peer2Profit’s referral program. While you are using Peer2Profit yourself, you can call on others to join Peer2Profit through your referral link.

When they sign up to the site using your referral link, they will become your referrer. You will then earn 50% of your referral earnings. This commission will be borne by Peer2Profit and will not be deducted from your referral earnings.

Is Peer2Profit safe?

Peer2Profit certainly says it is. But not necessarily so in my opinion. Any software installed on your computer has risks, and you must be vigilant to avoid attacks on your computer. According to the income principle of Peer2Profit, it obtains income by monitoring the traffic on the computer. In the world of cybersecurity, this is a huge risk.

Therefore, I would be more inclined to recommend that you install and use Peer2Profit with a device that does not have anything. Even idle devices should be checked for any important files idling.

Whether it’s Peer2Profit or something like Honeygain, I use it with a device that doesn’t have anything. After all, I don’t want to risk it just to make a few bucks.

What platforms does Peer2Profit support?

Peer2Profit supports multiple device installations. After you complete the registration, you can click “Download” and view the devices supported by Peer2Profit:

  • Windows
  • Windows command line
  • MacOS
  • Android, including Google Play and AppGallery
  • Android APK installation package
  • Linux
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16+) x64 command line
  • Linux (Ubuntu 16+) x32 command line
  • Docker Container
  • Huawei E3372h modem firmware
  • Development SDK
  • Raspberry Pi

If you have a swarm or cluster, install it and set it up and you can make money. At the same time, Peer2Profit specifically pointed out that it supports Servers, and interested readers can try free AWS EC2 or free trial VPS, etc.

Also, I tried it out and found that Peer2Profit can be used with EarnApp at the same time. If you have already set up EarnApp’s device before, you can directly install Peer2Profit.

How much money can you make?

The specific price of Peer2Profit will be dynamically determined according to the region and traffic. The picture below is the price list, but after comparing some prices on the Internet, I feel that everyone is the same (maybe there will be large differences between countries).

The following table is for your reference, you can see that the traffic price of ordinary residential networks is still very impressive at $0.8/GB. The traffic price of the cluster/service area (Hosting) is also very good, which can reach $0.3/GB:

How much can I earn in my location?

Although Peer2Profit offers a unified traffic price, the traffic output by your computer is not completely acceptable to Peer2Profit. You can automatically identify the region according to your IP address after logging in to Peer2Profit by clicking here.

You can often earn $4 per month per IP address if you live in the United States, Canada, Australia, or parts of Europe. Anywhere else, you may expect to earn less.


How do you get paid?

Peer2Profit supports a lot of payment methods, including bank cards, and electronic wallets including Qiwi, Yomoney, Perfect Money, etc. It also supports a variety of cryptocurrencies (see the figure below for details):

As you can see in the picture above, you can use a variety of payment methods to withdraw cash. There are different minimum payout thresholds for different payout methods, but the minimum is $2, so you can hit the threshold for some payout methods pretty quickly.

During the time I use Peer2Profit, the payment method will change. So the picture you see may be different from mine. Don’t worry, maybe it’s Peer2Profit for an upgrade. In practice, the minimum payout threshold will still be low.


Peer2Profit is a legitimate bandwidth-sharing platform that will pay you for sharing unused internet bandwidth. But it doesn’t bring you wealth, maybe $5 a month. You have to consider whether it is worth your time to install and use it.
If you have a lot of unused Virtual Privacy Servers (VPS), you can also use the VPS to run Peer2Profit.
The following summarizes the advantages and disadvantages of Peer2Profit


  • Earn passive income
  • The rate of return is higher than that of similar applications
  • There is a referral program
  • Raspberry Pi/Linux supported
  • Multiple payment methods


  • The income of a single device is not high
  • Not compatible with Mac computers and iOS devices

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How to join Peer2Profit?

Peer2Profit is one of the platforms that use traffic to make money. It is also considered to be the most expensive of all platforms. It supports a lot of platforms and supports servers and clusters.

If you are also interested, click here to start registering Peer2Profit, you can choose to log in with your Google account, or you can enter your Email and password to register. The registration process is very simple and does not require any sensitive information.

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