8 APPS Like Instacart To Make Grocery Delivery Easily

8 APPS Like Instacart To Make Grocery Delivery Easily 2

Cooking is always a very tedious task. As a housewife, you should not only consider the dietary structure of each family member to choose the most suitable food but also go to the grocery store to buy food every week.

And not every grocery store has the same price and freshness of food. If you are bored with this kind of life, you can try to use the Internet to buy groceries. Several apps allow you to easily order food at home and have it delivered on schedule.

Sounds awesome right? And online shopping is sometimes cheaper than offline. Maybe you already use Instacart to order food online. So check out what other apps are similar to Instacart!

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Best Apps like Instacart


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About Shipt

Shipt and Instacart are quite alike in terms of online grocery delivery services, as they both provide delivery on the same day. Shipt operates in over 50 markets across the US and foresees expanding to more towns in the future.

With Shipt, their shoppers select and deliver your orders to ensure that you don’t have to depart your home to get the freshness and quality of the products you desire.

Shipt Comparison to Instacart

  • The membership fee is the same for both platforms: annual Shipt memberships cost $99.
  • The delivery fee is the same for both platforms: $35 orders carry no fee, while small orders carry a $7 fee.
  • The way of ordering goods on the two platforms: Instacart can order items without a shopping membership, while Shipt cannot.
  • Shipping methods for both platforms: Shipt delivers from local stores, while Instacart delivers from national chains.


8 APPS Like Instacart To Make Grocery Delivery Easily 3

About FreshDirect

FreshDirect is a grocery delivery service operating in the Eastern United States. It provides groceries to homes and businesses.

Not only does FreshDirect offer restaurant delivery and grocery delivery, but it also makes it possible to order fresh ingredients directly from the restaurant or farmer at the moment.

FreshDirect was established (2022) earlier than Instacart, and the service scope and content it covers are better than Instacart. Therefore, the price of ordering food from FreshDirect is generally more expensive than that from Instacart.

FreshDirect Comparison to Instacart

  • Delivery fees: Grocery delivery from FreshDirect costs $12.99, while Instacart costs $11.99 for the same delivery.
  • Variety of products: FreshDirect has a wider variety of products than Instacart. You can buy more fresh organic food.


8 APPS Like Instacart To Make Grocery Delivery Easily 1

About GoPuff

GoPuff delivers all your everyday needs straight to your door – or wherever you are! They stock approximately 4,000 products at each Gopuff location, so when you order, your stuff gets delivered right from here at Gopuff.

Gopuff doesn’t charge surge prices because Gopuff is not a courier service, and because Gopuff delivers directly instead of picking it up from a store, Gopuff delivery is fast.

If you’re not in GoPuff Plus, there’s a flat shipping fee of $3.95 per order. If you sign up for GoPuff plus($5.95 monthly subscription), you get free shipping on every order over $30.

GoPuff Comparison to Instacart

  • Subscription prices: $5.95 per month for goPuff plus and $9.99 per month for Instacart
  • Free shipping on the order amount: Gopuff gets free shipping on orders over $30, while Instacart charges $35.
  • Delivery speed: goPuff is faster than Instacart
  • Delivery method: GoPuff is different from Instacart in that the service maintains an inventory.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market hero

About Thrive Market

Thrive Market is a grocer that offers organic food online. You can shop for up to 4,000 food, personal care, and household essentials on Thrive Market.

Beyond that, Thrive Market is more known for its selection of gluten-free, dairy-free, and GMO-free foods. This is an item that is rarely offered in other grocery stores.

It’s worth noting that Thrive Market is a membership-only online grocer, which means you need a membership to shop for premium groceries. Click here to start a free membership.

Thrive Market Comparison to Instacart

  • Delivery time: Instacart can deliver food within hours while Thrive Market has to wait days. Thrive Market is an online shopping mall.
  • Membership: Instacart offers direct food purchases, while Thrive Market requires membership to make purchases.
  • Food quality: Instacart offers more everyday food while Thrive Market offers healthier and better quality food.

Amazon Fresh

PrimeNowpage FreshUpdate 703x328

About Amazon Fresh

Amazon Fresh is Amazon’s grocery delivery and pickup service for Prime members in certain regions. Its main target is Amazon prime members.

Unfortunately, Amazon Fresh has canceled the free shipping service for Amazon prime members. Amazon splits orders from Amazon Fresh into three delivery fees: $9.95 for deliveries under $50, $6.95 for deliveries $50-$100, and $3.95 for deliveries $100-$150.

You only get free shipping if you’re an Amazon Prime member on orders over $150.You can click here to see if there is an Amazon Fresh service near you.

Amazon Fresh Comparison to Instacart

  • Partners: Instacart food delivery works with many grocery stores, but Amazon Fresh only works with Whole Foods.
  • Shopping options: Amazon Fresh has more grocery options, while Instacart partners with local stores for a more personalized shopping experience.
  • Price: Amazon Fresh delivery fee range from $3.95 to $9.95, with free delivery on orders over $150, and free delivery on Instacart orders over $35.


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About Walmart+

Walmart+ is a free app that allows you to plan all your grocery shopping quickly and within your budget.

You can choose to use Walmart+ to easily manage your shopping list and filter unnecessary groceries to reduce consumer spending. You can choose curbside pickup or delivery to make shopping even more convenient.

In most cases, Walmart+ has lower grocery prices than Instacart, and you can buy more types of groceries and fresh food in Walmart+.

Joining Walmart+ costs $12.95 per month and you get free shipping.

If you do not join Walmart plus, there is a $9.95 delivery fee or $19.95 for express two-hour delivery. But Walmart+ Grocery Delivery also requires tipping, and you can learn more about how to tip and how much to pay here.

Walmart+ Comparison to Instacart

  • Price: Free shipping on orders over $35 on Instacart and free shipping on Walmart+
  • Partners: Walmart Shipping works directly with its stores instead of using a third-party delivery like Instacart.

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8 APPS Like Instacart To Make Grocery Delivery Easily 4

About Postmates

Postmates is a food delivery app, and you can use Postmates not just to buy meals but to order anything, making it a viable alternative to other grocery delivery services.

If you just want to buy items at the regular grocery store but don’t want to go out to pick them up, then you can use Postmates to deliver groceries to your door.

You can get free shipping on every order over $15 by joining Postmates Unlimited ($9.99 per month).

Postmates Comparison to Instacart

  • Service: Postmates can deliver eligible products within a certain range, while Instacart focuses on delivering food.
  • Service coverage: Postmates offers a larger service coverage than Instacart
  • Price: Free shipping on orders over $15 with Postmates Unlimited and $35 with Instacart.

Uber Eats

5ee186801fc1386123c3b1c5 uber eats

About Uber Eats

Uber Eats is one of the more popular food delivery apps out there. You can use Uber Eats to view and order a meal at your favorite restaurants nearby.

After you settle the order fee, your order is automatically assigned to a nearby Uber driver and delivered to you quickly.

Uber Eats is more about delivering ready meals while Instacart is about delivering fresh food. If you don’t want to make lunch/dinner for the day, consider using Uber Eats to find more delicious restaurants for you!

Uber Eats Comparison to Instacart

  • Delivery speed: Uber Eats delivers food faster than Instacart.
  • Buying options: Uber Eats can order from a variety of rich restaurants and Instacart can buy fresh food. More options for Uber Eats

Food delivery apps like Uber Eats and Postmates also have Door Dash and Grubhub. The supported food delivery apps are different in each region. If you want to know the subscription price and the pros and cons of each app, you can read here article content.

Final Thoughts

The most common websites or apps that support grocery delivery are the 8 above, and you can choose one or two as your main online website for grocery shopping. You can buy fresh ingredients for the day to make more nutritious meals for your family.

If you are really tired and don’t want to worry about dinner, you can directly order the meal and deliver it directly to your door. Get hot food right after you get home from get off work.

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