5 Must-Have Cash Back APPs For Amazon (Up To 6%)

5 Must Have Cash Back APPs For Amazon Up To 6 2

How much do you spend each month shopping on Amazon? In my case, I spend an average of $1,500-$2,000 per year on Amazon. But through my research, I found that you can easily save money on Amazon using different methods.

How should I do it?

Follow me and start learning. The following APPs are free to use! ~

Honey App-Cashback Bonus of 1%-5%

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honeyTo help you save money on Amazon, the Honey app searches for sales. Honey automatically checks other Amazon sellers’ sale prices for the item you are viewing. An orange Honey button will appear if the app discovers a lower price. It shows you how much money you may save by purchasing from a different Amazon seller.

Or Honey will alert you that the same item is on sale in a different mall, and you can choose the mall with the lower price to make your purchase.

In addition to saving you money at Amazon, Honey has other features, such as setting price drop alerts, suggesting historical prices, and getting 1%-5% cash back rewards on your purchases.

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Rakuten-Cashback Bonus of 1%-4%

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5 Steps To Find Rakuten Missing Cashback 2022 1

Rakuten (formerly Ebates) is a favorite cash-back app as you can get money back from over 2,000 online stores including Amazon.  Cash back rewards on Amazon are limited to a few categories, in contrast to most stores where you can earn anywhere from 1% to 40% cash back on your whole buy.

For instance, you can get 3% cash back for purchases like clothing, watches, lawn and garden supplies, home improvements, and cleaning. It always pays to check Rakuten before going to Amazon because those reward categories are liable to change. Since you last made a purchase on Amazon, they might have created a new reward category.

If you just want to compare prices for the same item, I would recommend Rakuten, which can tell you directly which site is the cheapest to buy from. For example, in the picture below, Honey tells you that there are 6 stores selling the same Sony headphones, but Rakuten tells you directly that it’s the cheapest to buy them at Walmart.

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TopCashBack-Cashback Bonus of 7%-8%

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Topcashback Spend 10 Get 2.5  Reward 10.24 10.26

If you’re looking for the highest cashback site, then Topcashback is perfect for you. Topcashback generally has a higher cashback rate than Rakuten, and Topcashback’s withdrawal requirements are very low, as you only need to have $5 in your account to submit a withdrawal request right away.

Sign up for Topcashback now and get an additional $10 signup bonus. Don’t hesitate to start using it now!

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Ibotta-Cashback Bonus of 1%-2%

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ibotta header2

The method of getting cashback with Ibotta is not the same as the APPs mentioned above. The above apps are able to tell you exactly how much cash rewards you can get for each purchase on Amazon when you shop, but Ibotta offers cash back based on your purchases after you upload your purchase receipts each time.

Sound complicated? Simply put, you must upload your Amazon purchase receipts to Ibotta to get cash back.

Also because the cashback rewards are offered in different ways, you can try stacking them to get multiple cashback. For example, if you use Topcashback to track your order before you shop, and then go to Ibotta to submit your shopping receipt after you settle your order, then you can get your cashback rewards twice.

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R C 2

If you love using Coupons directly instead of getting cashback rewards, then actively using Coupons.com will help you save a lot of money.

The specialty of the Coupons.com app is managing grocery shop coupons. By connecting your store loyalty card to the app, discounts are instantly applied after you choose a coupon or offer. You can upload a picture of your paper receipt if you shop at a store without a loyalty program. The reward is added to your PayPal account once it has been approved.

You can also print coupons on Coupons.com to use on offline Amazon. However, if you encounter difficulties in the process of printing coupons, please actively contact the customer service center to deal with them.

What credit cards can I get extra cashback rewards?

There are definitely more ways to get cashback rewards than just using the app, and if you’re looking for the ultimate money-saving method, it’s even better to use it with a credit card or Amazon store card!

Confused about the Amazon Store Card vs. Rewards Visa Signature Card? Complete guide.

  • Amazon Prime Reload (2% cashback)
  • Amazon Rewards Visa Signature Card (up to 5% cashback)
  • Amazon Store Card (5% cashback) 
  • Discover It Card (up to 5% cashback)
  • Chase Freedom Unlimited Credit Card (1.5% cashback)
  • Citi Double Cash Card (2% cashback)

How to save money shopping on Amazon?

Everyone enjoys making financial savings. By using Amazon’s undiscovered benefits and money-saving tips, you can shop on Amazon for less money.

The following suggestions will help you save money and find fantastic Amazon deals:

You don’t have to say goodbye to Amazon if you’re on a tight budget. Use the advice provided above to find excellent discounts and take action to get cash back on your purchases.

Final Thoughts

Saving money at Amazon is very simple, you just need to install the free browser extension or download the app to get a 1%-6% cashback bonus easily. Also, you can try to use more different apps to stack the rewards. There may be an unexpected surprise! ~

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