2022 Swagbucks Make Money Online-The most comprehensive introduction

In this article, we will introduce in detail a website that is familiar to everyone in the wool industry: Swagbucks. After reading it, I believe that everyone will have a general understanding of what Swagbucks does, how to use it, what are its advantages and disadvantages, how much money it can make, and so on.


What are Swagbucks?


Swagbucks is a website and a corresponding mobile application, where you can get cash rewards by searching, completing questionnaires or tasks, watching videos, etc. Swagbucks was founded in 2008 and is currently the most famous GPT (Get Paid To) website with a very good reputation.
Swagbucks is owned by Prodege, LLC, which also owns several other well-known sites: MyPoints, ShopAtHome, InboxDollars, ySense, and more. With the support of large companies and large communities, the credibility is more guaranteed:

Swagbucks Basic Concepts

Swagbucks rewards are called Swag Bucks, or SB for short. When withdrawing, the exchange rate is 1 SB = $0.01, that is, 100 SB can be exchanged for $1, which is very cost-effective.
Sometimes there is a discount for redeeming VGC or gift cards so that 100 SB can be redeemed for a value greater than $1.

Sign up bonus

If you don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, click here to sign up and get a 1300 SB bonus (equivalent to $13). Of the 1300 SB, 300 SB is the basic sign-up bonus, on top of this, if you complete a shopping rebate of at least $25 within 30 days, you can get another 1000 SB (as shown on the right), a total of 1300 SB, equivalent to $13 Knife.
In addition to using email registration, you can also use Facebook to log in directly.

Can Swagbucks be trusted?

Before I introduce how to use Swagbucks in detail, let me show you my payment record (as shown below). The list is too long to finish, this is just a part…

How to use Swagbucks?

Here we list 10 ways to use the Swagbucks website. Of course, you don’t have to use all the methods. You can choose the ones you are most interested in.
I will basically tell you which methods are the most effective and which methods are not recommended. Everyone chooses according to their own characteristics.

1. Complete the task (Offers)

This is the most common category of Swagbucks’ wool, and there are often very favorable offers, which can be free or make money. Simply put, by completing the tasks specified in the Offer, you can get a certain SB reward. Tasks are usually registration, trial, purchase, etc. (Some tasks can be profitable and useful, such as the previous $11 for buying two barrels of Nescafé Mate).
You can pay more attention to the Swagbucks category of my Weibo. If there is a free or profitable offer, we will share it with you in time.
In addition, Swagbucks also has some partners (such as Revenue Universe, OfferToro, etc. in the picture above), and they often have very good cashback offers.

2. Cashback on shopping

Like other cashback websites (such as Ebates/Rakuten, TopCashBack, etc.), Swagbucks also has its own cashback portal, through which you can enter the corresponding website for shopping, and you can get a certain amount of cashback. Cashback is credited to the account in the form of SB.
If you are using other cashback sites, you can come here to compare the cashback rate before your next purchase. Swagbucks often has surprises, and the cashback rate is the highest compared to other cashback sites.
Of course, Swagbucks also has its own browser plugin called Swagbutton (click to download). As shown in the figure below, when you browse to a website that supports cashback, Swagbutton will tell you that the website supports cashback, what the cashback rate is, etc. If you need to activate cashback, just click “Activate”. It saves you the step of going to the Swagbucks website first, which is very convenient, and you are no longer afraid of missing out on cash back.

3. Upload a receipt (Magic Receipt)

Similar to Fetch Rewards, ibotta and other similar applications, Swagbucks also supports uploading shopping receipts to get a certain amount of cash back. There are mainly two ways:
As long as you buy a certain commodity, you will be rewarded (such as any milk, any apple, etc.), and the reward is relatively small;
Buy specific products to get high cash back, and sometimes you can make money back. This kind of product is often available, and you can easily get a lot of free products.
It should be noted that before shopping, you need to add the product to the shopping list, and then shop and upload the receipt.

4. Swagbucks Search Engine

The Swagbucks search engine is based on Yahoo and rewards you with a random amount of SB from time to time when you search. There may not be many rewards each time, but if you use it all day, you can still get a lot of SB every day without knowing it.
The average reward per search is at least 4 SB, with an average of about 6-8 SB. But sometimes some keyword searches will get 100 SB rewards, which is equivalent to $1, as shown below:

5. Print Coupon

Swagbucks and Coupons.com have a partnership, print Coupons through Swagbucks, not only save money when shopping, but also earn SB.

6. Take the survey

Although doing a questionnaire is the most direct way to get SB, from my own experience, it is not recommended for everyone to do it. In many cases, the questionnaire is very long, and it takes ten to twenty minutes to get 100 SB, which is too little. And many questionnaires will be told “not eligible” in the middle, which is equivalent to doing it in vain a few minutes ago. So let’s take a look at the change, and if you have the time and energy, you can consider giving it a try.

7. Watch the video

The benefits of watching videos are not much, usually 1-2 SBs can be obtained by watching 6 videos. Most of the videos are about current hot events, or recipes, promotions, etc. Some people like it this way because watching the video is a pleasure for him, but I’m sure most people don’t have time to sit there and watch the video all the time… Sheep.
In addition, you can also watch videos on the Swagbucks mobile app, which can run in the background, and you can get an extra 50 SB every day to watch videos on your mobile phone.

8. Complete the Daily Check-in Daily Poll

It is said to be a sign-in, but in fact, it is enough to answer a small multiple-choice question every day, which can be completed in one second, and each multiple-choice question is 1 SB.

9. Play games

This is probably a fun way to earn SB by trying a lot of games to get SB. There are generally two ways to get SB: 18 SB for every $1 spent in-game, or play Swagbucks’ own game and get some SB for nothing.
10. Redeem Swag Codes
Swagbucks will post some Swagcodes on its own social media or blog from time to time, and each code can be redeemed for 2-3 SBs. The redemption method is very simple, just click Redeem after entering it.
Previously, Swagbucks used to release a lot of high-quality Swagcodes a day, which could earn almost 20-30 SB a day, so keep an eye on Swagbucks’ official social media.

Withdrawal method

Swagbucks supports a variety of payment and withdrawal methods, including PayPal, Amazon Gift Card, Visa Gift Card, and Gift Cards from many other stores.
In many cases, Visa Gift Cards are also exchanged at a discount. For example, the original $25 Gift Card needs 2500 SBs, but only 2175 SBs are required for discounts, as shown below:

Analysis of advantages and disadvantages

Overall, I believe that everyone has a general understanding of Swagbucks. Next we summarize the pros and cons of using Swagbucks that we have seen over the years:


completely free
There are various ways and options, and many Offers are against the sky, and they can be free or make money!
There are many withdrawal methods, you can choose freely
Since its establishment in 2008, word-of-mouth reputation is very good and trustworthy


Only available in the following countries: United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Australia, Ireland
Some methods are not very profitable, such as questionnaires

Sign up bonus

If you don’t have a Swagbucks account yet, give it a try~ Click here to sign up and get 1300 SB bonus (equivalent to $13). Of the 1300 SB, 300 SB is the basic sign-up bonus, on top of this, if you complete a shopping rebate of at least $25 within 30 days, you can get another 1000 SB (as shown on the right), a total of 1300 SB, equivalent to $13 Knife.

In addition to using email registration, you can also use Facebook to log in directly.

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