2022 Honey App Review: Automatic Coupons & Cash Back Still Work!

Honey is a browser plug-in that helps you save money while shopping, it can automatically help you find the best coupons and compare prices on different websites when shopping online.

For example, you buy a laptop on Amazon and want to check if there are coupons available
1. Search in Google and there will be a lot of various coupon sites,
2. Click and enter coupons – but many are invalid
3. A lot of time wasted.

Use Honey
1. Add the Honey plug-in to the browser
2. Place an order to buy a notebook
3. Automatically pop up valid coupons
4. Pick up and checkout
5. Simple and fast

In addition, Honey also supports Amazon price comparison and historical price, price drop notification, cashback, etc. Let’s introduce it in detail.

Honey Overview

Honey, founded in 2012, had 17 million active users when it was acquired late last year, and it’s growing very fast. According to founder Ryan Hudson, Honey was founded just to be able to pay less for pizza, and it eventually grew into a very promising company.

Honey is primarily a browser plug-in that supports major browsers such as Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera, and Microsoft Edge. It has more than 40,000 partner merchants, and can automatically search for the most powerful and available coupons for users when shopping at these merchants.

How to get started

To start using Honey, first enter through our invitation link (official website joinhoney.com), click “Add to Chrome” (it will automatically change according to your browser), and then add Honey’s browser plug-in.


How to automatically find coupons?

Honey has a lot of features, the biggest feature is that it automatically finds coupons. Let’s take a shopping experience on Saks Off 5th as an example to show the use of Honey.

First, after adding the things we want to buy to the shopping cart, go to the checkout page. At this time, Honey will automatically jump out (in the red box on the right side of the picture below), telling you what the total price of the shopping cart is and how many coupons you can try, etc.

We can see that the total price of the shopping cart in the picture below is $197.99. How much will it become after using Honey?

We click the “Apply 8 Coupons” button, Honey will automatically try all 8 coupons, the following picture is the process of trying:After the progress bar is finished, you can see a result given by Honey. As shown in the figure below, an available coupon code “EXTRA50” was found, which saved $99 directly, and the original price changed from $197.99 to $98.99:Then go back to the shopping cart, we can see that the total value of the shopping cart of $197.99 has also changed. The following also shows which promo code of this application is:There are other surprises! If you click on the small icon of the Honey plug-in on the browser at this time, you can also see that this consumption can also get 1% – 4% cashback:This is much easier than manually searching for “Saks off 5th coupon” in Google. And I have to try one by one, because there are many invalid ones.

How do I set up price drop notifications?

Honey can help you monitor the price of an item and send you an email notification when a price change meets the conditions. This service is called Droplist.

Let’s take Bestbuy as an example, open the page of a certain product, you can see that a small icon of Honey appears on the picture of the product:

Then when the mouse moves over the small icon, you can add the current product to the Droplist, and you can also set the monitoring time and the price change range (such as 5% off). In this way, when we need products, we don’t have to visit the website every day, just wait for Honey’s notification:

Currently Honey supports price monitoring for the following merchants:

Adidas, Adorama, AliExpress, Allbirds, Anthropologie, Barnes & Noble, Barstool Sports, Best Buy, Birddogs, Blade City, Bloomingdale’s, Chewy, Chubbies Shorts, Dick’s Sporting Goods, DIFF Eyewear, Eastbay, Fashion Nova, Foot Locker, Forever21, Free People, GameStop, G Fuel, Guitar Center, H&M, Hot Topic, Hypebeast, J.Crew, JCPenney, Kith, Kmart, Kohl’s, Kylie Cosmetics, LOFT, Lord & Taylor, Lovepop, Macy’s, Madewell, Michael’s, Misen, Missguided, MVMT, Nasty Gal, Nike, Nordstrom, Nordstrom Rack, O’Neill US, Overstock, QVC, Rebecca Minkoff, REI, REVOLVE, Ripndip, Saks Fifth Avenue, Sephora, Shop Disney, Society6, Sonos, Staples, Target, The Hundreds, Timbuk2, TOPSHOP US, UNIQLO, Wren & Ivory, Zaful, Zappos, Zara

How to view the historical price curve of a commodity?

Honey also supports the historical price curves of many merchants, helping you to check past price changes. We all know that CamelCamelCamel can view historical Amazon prices, but Honey can view more merchants than Amazon.

Let’s take Walmart’s Mixer as an example to see how to view the historical price curve.

First of all, on the product page, mouse over the small icon of Honey on the picture, and at the bottom right of the pop-up information, there is a link of “1 Price Change”, telling you that this product has had several price changes in the past 30 days. We click on it to enter the historical price curve.

The picture below is the price history curve of this product, you can choose up to 120 days of records. You can see that the previous lowest price was $199, and the current price is $259.99, which is not a good time to buy.What is Honey Gold?

Honey Gold is a form of Honey that can be redeemed for Gift Cards such as Amazon, Walmart, Target, etc. It also supports withdrawals to PayPal. The redemption value is 1000 Gold = $10.Honey Gold is mainly obtained in the form of cash back on consumption. For example, many merchants Honey will mark a small money icon (as shown in the figure below), then this merchant supports a certain percentage of cash back, and the cash back rate is randomly within the given range. Click “Activate” to activate the cashback, as shown below:

Honey Gold also has a bonus for new users. For some merchants, you can get bonuses ranging from $5 – $20 after you spend your first order. As shown in the figure below, for example, after spending on RayBan, you can get an additional reward of $20:

Exclusive Offer

Honey also often has Exclusive Offers for certain products, which will automatically pop up when you browse the products, and the rewards are very high:

Honey Tips

In the process of using, we have summarized some usage skills and share them with you:

  • In fact, you can just use Honey to find coupons, and then you can continue to use the cashback sites you are used to, such as Rakuten, TopCashBack, ibotta, etc.
  • Honey can not only find coupons, but also gift codes and more.
  • Honey also has an app on your phone for easy use on your phone.
  • When shopping on Amazon, the price is not necessarily the lowest, be sure to check with Honey, sometimes there are surprises.

How to get started?

To start using Honey, first enter through our invitation link (official website joinhoney.com), click “Add to Chrome” (it will automatically change according to your browser), and then add Honey’s browser plug-in.


In summary, Honey has the following characteristics:

  • Automatically find the best coupons
  • Free to use, in the form of a browser plug-in, easy to use
  • Numerous merchants and websites supported
  • Support Honey Gold cashback, and Bonus~

If you are also interested, come and try it, click to start~

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