2022 Fluz Review: Make Money With Your Online Shopping & Favorite Cashback App

2022 Fluz Review Make Money With Your Online Shopping Favorite Cashback App 1

What is Fluz

Today we are going to introduce Fluz, a new shopping cashback app. When users shop in-store or online, enter the total amount into Fluz to purchase the corresponding amount of Gift Card and checkout, and get a certain percentage of cash back. Newly invited registered users can get three 35% cashback coupons up to $3.50 each (equivalent to $6.50 for a $10 gift card purchase, for a total savings of $10.5). Let’s go into details below.

Ibotta also has a similar service Ibotta Pay. If you are interested, you can refer to the article “Ibotta: Earn Real Cash Back & Save -Supermarket Rebate App Offers“.

  • New users click here or use the invitation code “MONEYFREE” to get three 35% cashback coupons.

Sign up bonus

New users who register by invitation can automatically get three “Vouchers“, each Vouchers can enjoy 35% cash back (up to $3.5) at specific merchants, which means that you can spend $6.5 to buy a $10 Gift Card, which can save a total of $10.5 .

2022 Fluz Review Make Money With Your Online Shopping Favorite Cashback App 1

After clicking the invitation registration link, enter your mobile phone number on the opened page and click send, and you will receive the download link on your mobile phone.

If you need to enter the invitation code, enter “MONEYFREE” (in uppercase).


In addition to the three 35% off vouchers, if users complete certain tasks after registration, they can also get an additional $5 in cash back, with a total registration reward of up to $15.5. The completed tasks are:

  • Take the in-app “Missed Earnings” quiz to see how much cashback you’ve missed out…
  • Will let you choose your 5 favorite merchants when done
  • Setting a friend network growth goal is to see how much potential value you have over the year if you invite friends
  • Turn on phone notifications
  • Pay once at any merchant

There are many merchants who can use 35% off, and the following picture is some of the available merchants (updated 02/09/2022):

2022 Fluz Review Make Money With Your Online Shopping Favorite Cashback App 4


First of all, we go to the merchant to check out or check out online shopping. When it is time to pay, enter the specific amount into Fluz, and then we can purchase the corresponding amount of Gift Card in real time, and then use the Gift Card to pay. The purchase amount will be cash back according to a certain ratio, which is also a new form of cash back, as shown in the following figure:

2022 Fluz Review Make Money With Your Online Shopping Favorite Cashback App 3

Let’s take Starbucks as an example to see how it works.

As shown in the figure below, the current cashback rate is displayed in the upper right corner (the screenshot shows 35% because the first three orders of new users who are invited to register can enjoy a cashback rate of up to 35%, click to register, see below for details), enter the tax-included value below. Consumption amount, click Continue to purchase.

2022 Fluz Review Make Money With Your Online Shopping Favorite Cashback App 2

Then Fluz will generate a barcode of the Gift Card, and you can scan the barcode for the merchant. In fact, this barcode is a normal Gift Card, which can be saved for later use or given to friends.

Some business examples

Here are some common examples of businesses and restaurants, just a few examples, there are actually many more:

  • Amazon 1.5%
  • Target .5%
  • eBay 1%
  • Home Depot 2%
  • Bed Bath & Beyond 3%
  • Airbnb 2%
  • Delta 2%
  • Southwest 2%
  • Carnival Cruise 7%
  • Nike 7%
  • Adidas 5%
  • Gap 7%
  • Walmart/Sam’s 1%
  • Groupon 7%
  • Chipotle 2%
  • Starbucks 2%
  • GrubHub 2%
  • Hulu 3%
  • iTunes 4%

Payment Methods and Extra Cash Back

Fluz supports a variety of payment methods, as shown in the table below, and some methods can get a certain extra reward (up to 3%) on the basis of the original cash back, the details are as follows:

  • credit card
  • PayPal
  • Apple Pay (no additional setup required)
  • Bank Account ACH Payments (Get an Extra 3% Cash Back)
  • Debit Card Payments (Get Extra 2% Cash Back)

How to withdraw

There are three ways to withdraw cash when you spend over $26:

  • PayPal
  • Bank Transfer
  • Virtual Debit Card
  • You can also use the balance directly for the next payment, so there is no minimum withdrawal requirement.

Features Summary

  • New registered users get three 35% off vouchers, and the three vouchers can save a total of $10.5, which is also a good sign-up reward.
  • It can be superimposed with other types of coupons without affecting each other.
  • You can buy Gift Cards for a specific amount, not necessarily a whole number.
  • In fact, the purchased Gift Card does not have to be used for checkout. After purchasing, you can get a barcode, which can be sent to other people or used later.
  • There are many merchants supported by the 35% off voucher, so you don’t have to worry about spending money.
  • Small merchants who can get Amex cashback .

If you are interested, you are welcome to register with our referral link to get three 35% off vouchers (valued at $10.5). If you need to enter the invitation code, enter “MONEYFREE” (uppercase).

Recommended by similar platforms

We have recommended and introduced many cashback websites, each with its own characteristics and different registration rewards. Here is a summary for your reference and comparison:

Website Sign up bonus Registration Link Feedback Recommended
Fetch $2 Click here Easier to have free offer,code “P7Y51A” ★★★
Rakuten $30 Click here The most reliable, good customer service ★★★★★
TopCashback  $15-$25 Click here The cashback rate is almost the highest in the entire network ★★★★★
RebatesMe $35 Click here Great reward,code “MONEYFREE” ★★★
Ibotta $10 Click here Support multiple merchants, easy to operate ★★★★
fluz 35% cashback coupons Click here Support multi-platform rebates, the rebate performance is average ★★★

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