10 Seconds To Scan Walmart Receipts | Get Your Money Back

10 Seconds Scan Walmart Receipts Get Your Money Back

How many people don’t take Walmart shopping receipts very seriously? The receipt can be exchanged for cashback. Stunned? it is true!

Walmart receipts are truly redeemable for cash back. And the operation is very simple, you only need to use your mobile phone, take a picture of the Walmart receipt and upload it to the APP to get cash back in time.

Still don’t know how to do it? The following content answers all your confusion. Follow me!~


Why do people scan their Walmart receipts?

When it only takes a few seconds to scan your Walmart receipt for a massive free refund, I’m sure you will scan your Walmart receipt too. The cashback model for refunds using different applications is different, it can be Paypal or gift cards. Why not give it a try?

“I’ve saved about two-thirds so much that I have more money to buy stuff!” Lynn said

What is the Walmart Savings Catcher?

Walmart Savings Catcher is a price-matching program launched by Walmart in 2014. When you scan your shopping receipt with the savings catcher, Walmart automatically compares the price of your purchase with other grocery store prices. If there is a price difference, Walmart will refund the difference in the form of a gift card. This model has always been loved by many people.


How to find receipts from Walmart?

I believe it is very difficult for someone who is not in the habit of saving receipts to find the exact location of Walmart receipts in a short period. And depending on the purchase method, Walmart receipts are kept in different places. Are you confused about how to find Walmart receipts? I’ve summed up a few different ways for you.

Walmart shopping in store

When you go to the store to buy goods, you will get a paper receipt after the purchase, please take a photo and save it in time. Because there is an 85% chance of forgetting to store receipts after shopping.
But if you do lose your receipt, you can contact Walmart customer service to help find shopping information.

  1. Log in to your Walmart account
  2. Use the left column “Contact Us” to contact a customer service representative
  3. Select the content you want to consult according to the prompts
  4. You can choose manual services to get answers faster
  5. You can call 1-800-Walmart (1-800-925-6278) seven days a week between 8 am and 11 pm

In response to environmental protection, Walmart has also introduced paperless receipts, using Walmart payment scanners to create electronic receipts and save them during checkout.

Walmart online shopping

Walmart’s way of shopping online is convenient, and it automatically saves your receipts so you don’t lose them. You can also scan the receipt in time to save it in your Walmart account after you shop at the store.
To view your purchase history in your Walmart account, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to your Walmart account and select “Purchase History”
  2. If your credit card is linked to in-store purchases, all online and in-store purchase orders will be displayed in the history.
  3. Click on a single order to view the receipt

Walmart Receipt Lookup Online

If you really can’t find your receipts, use the Walmart receipt finder online tool. You’ll need to provide some basic information about the purchase, including the zip code where the purchase was made, the date, the total amount, and payment card information.

  1. Go directly to Walmart Receipt Lookup Online
  2. Enter your zip code and select the Walmart store where you shop
  3. Enter the correct purchase information according to the prompts
  4. Click “Lookup Receipt”.
  5. Successfully retrieve the shopping receipt and download and save it

After successfully finding and saving the receipt, please make good use of the receipt for cash back. You can easily earn passive income from home. But the Walmart Savings Catcher is no longer in use, so what cashback app can replace the Savings Catcher? I think the following applications have been able to help you out very well.

Walmart Cashback App

It is easy to forget to operate the cash back when using the receipt for cash back. The most direct way is to directly cash back! Below are the Walmart cashback rates for different cashback sites. The cashback network can be used in combination according to personal consumption habits.



  • Payment time: 7 days

  • No minimum withdrawal amount

  • Support cashback merchants 2900+

  • Payment time: 30-90 days

  • Payment time: 30 days

  • No minimum withdrawal amount

  • Support cashback merchants 4900+

  • Payment time: 30 days

  • Payment time: 1 day

  • Minimum cash withdrawal amount: $5

  • Support cashback merchants 2700+

  • Payment time: one quarter

  • No minimum withdrawal amount

  • If you find higher cashback rates on any website after shopping through BeFrugal, they will be matched with the 125% rate.

1. FatCoupon can help save money through cashback, daily tasks, coupons.

2. It can be withdrawn by accumulating at least 50,000 gold coins = $50.

Walmart Receipt Cashback App

Don’t forget to use the receipt app to stack your cashback! Using a cashback app doesn’t stop you from uploading a receipt to get cashback. One order to get at least two, maybe three cashback opportunities, why don’t you try it?
The following cash-back apps for receipts are not only available for Walmart receipts, but also receipts from other grocery stores. You can click here for a more detailed review of the Receipt Cashback App.


free products with ibotta

You only need to bind your ibotta and Walmart accounts, and after purchasing goods online, you will automatically get cash back to your ibotta account according to the electronic receipt. Your only action is to link the two accounts so you don’t need to upload the receipt manually. Maybe someday you’ll find a surprising amount of money in your ibotta account.
Check out this article for more on ibotta’s partnership with Walmart.


fetch cover 01042022 696x306 1

You can use fetch to scan your Walmart receipt and issue a refund. The advantage of fetch is that the interface is clear and easy to operate, and there are often 100% cashback items.


Walmart Savings Catcher was a very useful app that unfortunately ceased operations in 2019. But that doesn’t stop our money-saving plan from going ahead. We can save money by combining cashback and receipt cashback apps, often giving us savings of 2%-7%. You’ll save even more if you’re a Walmart+ member, which requires an annual fee. So the best way is to use the free cashback network for cashback.

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